Songs you listen to atm

(Shane) #1172


It’s finally over… I can start again… live and let live, goodbye to the past, but thank you for the memories.

(Shane) #1173

@Lex Old is Gold, one of jamie foxx’s good songs

(Shane) #1174

Old song spree anyone?

Someone grab me a beer man lol

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(Shad0ws / Jon) #1176

(Shad0ws / Jon) #1177

(Lexus.) #1178

Agree. He’s very talented arist one of the best black actors and good singer either.

Probably best selling song in the USA in 2005.
New version I got a woman by Ray Charles :wink:

(Shane) #1179

Your point of view, you text it
Send one back, you left it read-less
Borderline obsessive
Messing with my head like this
I told you that when I left Texas
I’d do things the way I said them
Why can’t I have any lessons
That don’t end like this?

So it’s bar light
See me pulling up feeling alright
See me going far when I’m alright
See me going left when they go right
Oh friend of mine
Bar light
See me drink it up, feeling alright
Tired of the fights and the long nights
I’m about to get in my own vibe all night, oh


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(Hell's Dragon) #1182

(Shane) #1183

This song word for word… :ok_hand:

(Shane) #1184

I dont even know what to say sometimes, music does all my thinking for me sometimes.

(Shane) #1185

Dont know why I feel like I do, but just want the feeling to stop.

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Forget about the past, keep the memories. Do whatever now. Always show respect. :v:

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(Shane) #1190

Always felt like a badass listening to this song

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