Season 8 Discussion (Boxhead)


I got it Lex


It now says e-mail verification failed

(Lexus.) #23

So try again or use other email account.
If you could long in stick arena classic once. Maybe that’s why some BBH players have trouble with verification.

Log in to Stick Arena Classic here:


Hmmm seasons about to end with 2 players tying for 1st, how will the prizes be distributed? :rofl:

(Chicken) #25

Give all the xcash to me… Problem solved :blush:

(Lexus.) #26
BBH Competitive season 8 Scores
Prizes will handled out soon.

(Lexus.) #27

(Schall) #28

You’ll have to play rock, paper, scissors over it.

I’m kidding. We will discuss this and will let you know back here!

(Schall) #29

So since the Boxhead leaderboard goes by the amount of Bounty Points you have, we’ve decided to give the grand prize to both players.

Edit: All XCash has been given out. Thanks guys!