Season 6 Discussion (Stick Arena)

Salutations all!

Stick Arena competitive season 6 starts today, June 1ˢᵗ, and will conclude at the end of next month on July 31ˢᵗ. With the suggestion of more Lab Pass days for those who chart on the seasonal leaderboard, here are the prizes for season 6:

Grand Prize – 15,000 Cred, 1 month Lab Pass + Customized Old Skool spinner
Top 5 – 10,500 Cred, 2 week Lab Pass + Summer spinner (choice of “Sunny Day” or “Tropical Margarita”)
Top 10 – 8,500 Cred, 1 week Lab Pass
Top 20 – 6,500 Cred, 2 day Lab Pass
Top 30 – 4,500 Cred, 1 day Lab Pass
Top 40 – 3,500 Cred
Top 50 – 2,500 Cred

Sunny Dayspinner (Designed by @Twisted)

Tropical Margaritaspinner (Designed by @Toxicity)

Feel free to give feedback below, including questions and suggestions.

The same rules apply.

Good luck!

  • XGen Staff and Moderation Team

There’s really not much we can buy with all the credits we can earn.

Is there any chance we could turn in some credits for Lab Pass days?

Maybe like a 1-day Lab Pass for say 1000 credits.


I wouldn’t mind doing this, however there are a couple things that stand in the way of following through with this:

• I’d need proof of current cred amount to be able to take it off. There has been people in the past that have cropped screenshots to make it seem like they have more cred than what they actually have. Without being able to actually see cred amounts on accounts, I don’t feel comfortable doing it.

• Lab Passes cost money, cred don’t. I don’t want to give out something worth money in exchange for something that doesn’t cost money.


I have an idea to help everyone out. I’ll make an announcement later.

Wooo, for good ideas.

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I’ll have to check with the devs to see if we can find a route.

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Just a reminder guys:

I hate to have to do this.

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Stick Arena Competitive season 6 Scores:
Prizes will handled out soon.


All the Lab Pass days and cred are handed out. I’m still waiting on a couple for spinner choices.

Thanks guys!