Season 5 Discussion (Stick Arena) -- Keeping Your Ranks!

(Lexus(17)) #20

I would like to ask is there any chance to add fews lab pass days to whole top 50? (Next season)
I know from my experience that many people count for it. Don’t undestand me wrong i think reduce prizes to top 50 is good idea, however people could be more motivated to play if they have a chance to buy special spinner and create their own maps. Maybe they will be willing to buy lab pass too :).


(not stickdude) #21

I got almost 100 kills now

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(Shane) #22

Woot, good job. Keep on grinding, you toad.

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(Shane) #23

That could be arranged my friend – @Nicholas

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Thats cool, recommended this awhile back.

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Shameless suggestion for self gain here

But I might be convinced to log on again if there were a black spinner on my account. Was just wondering if it could be negotiated that players who made it onto the legacy high score board got something for it.

I don’t honestly think we are owed anything but I’d be perfectly happy with replacing that shiny rank 15 for the spinner. Wanted that way more anyways



If someone is taking “votes”, rather than a fancy smancy spinner I’m still lobbying for legacy ranks to be restored. :slight_smile:



How about everyone that was at least rank… idk… 9 :stuck_out_tongue: got a special spinner :wink:



I always wondered how people could get black ish spinners without winning tourneys or map contests. I remember 3dd and wolfy whome had dark gray assasin spinners. Also jesus did have a black the pro spinner.


(Lexus(17)) #30

It’s a noble, but unrealistic idea.

Lets be honest it won’t affect for activity at all. Most players who achieved top 100 aren’t playing anymore. They just log in from time to time, if at all. Then i suppose if XGen will agree for this idea majority of old leaderboard players won’t see “black spinners” on their account.

However it’s still many ways to get some cool spinners. We strongly encourage to take part on competitive seasons or future torurnaments and Map building contest.

I have no doubt in he future will be larger prizes if admins will agree. Mod team will try be pleasure to all people who want still play this game. It’s so important to us for keep our little group of players as long as possible.


(Lexus(17)) #31

I fully agree with you. Reset accounts has caused much controversy in our community.
It is evident, however, that it had good sides. Nowadays people who play this game every day have their own chance to win some spinners. cred or lab pass days. Fews years ago it was impossible. So “reset” helped break the stereotypes.


(Ajay) #32

The reset just seems kind of pointless. We can keep ranks now and have a separate leaderboard for prizes. It would’ve made more sense to do that from the beginning (before the reset), no?


(delsin) #33

Edd won his black assassin through the Poly memorial CTF he didn’t get it randomly he earned it

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Do all of my accounts have their old ranks back? Or do I have to rank up again for it to stick. I might actually play a little to rank “magic” up to 7 or something.

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(Nick) #35

Accounts have the stats obtained as of Stick Arena competitive season 4. Competitive seasons will not affect in-game stats.

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Gotcha, thanks nick.

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(Nick) #38

Stick Arena competitive season 5 has concluded.

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(Nick) #39

The amount of Lab Pass days for next season’s competitors has been re-vamped, stay tuned!

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(Nick) closed #40

(Schallmeister) #41

All cred and Lab Pass days have been handed out.

@Nicholas @Lex @grasp85 @RoughSatan @Toxicity let me know which spinner you would like accordingly.

Thanks guys! Season 6 thread coming!

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