Season 5 Discussion (Stick Arena) -- Keeping Your Ranks!

(Schallmeister) #1

Hey guys!

As you guys have noticed, hopefully all of you, the leaderboards have reset, starting the new season. You also may have noticed your in-game stats have stayed the same.

As many of you have suggested, from here on out your in-game stats will be saved - only the seasonal leaderboards will reset.

Thanks to @Jordan and the others at XGen for spending the time to make this happen! We hope you guys enjoy this.

As for the prizes, they will be the same as last season, minus the Valentine’s spinners:

Grand Prize – 15,000 Cred, 1 month Lab Pass + Customized Old Skool spinner
Top 5 - 10,500 Cred, 2 week Lab Pass + Spring spinner (choice of “April Shower” or “May Flower”)
Top 10 - 8,500 Cred, 1 week Lab Pass
Top 20 – 6,500 Cred
Top 30 – 4,500 Cred
Top 40 - 3,500 Cred
Top 50 - 2,500 Cred

I think we’ve flattened all the bumps and most of the issues that have risen, but if there are any more suggestions or ideas, hit us up! Our ears are open (well, eyes).

All the same rules apply.

Happy killing!

  • XGen Staff and Moderation Team


Can we please have our old stats back from before everything reset? Pretty please?

Also: Whoever spends the time to get the Grand Prize on the leaderboard totally deserves a restricted color spinner. IMO, the top prize for every season should include some sort of custom color spinner. I would even let the Grand Prize winner (#1) pick their own color combo, but give the top 5 for each season a restricted color that is predetermined, and changes each season (Maybe get some suggestions from that stickied thread that got abandoned…)


It could have been incredibly smart to reset the leaderboard, but not the in-game stats the whole time! (so all the work a person has put in doesn’t get lost lol!!!)

(Schallmeister) #4

It was mentioned the reset thing is permanent, so we aren’t going to be getting our old stats back. But, we can make new ones! :sweat_smile:

The thread in question was deleted by someone. I won’t mention any names.

(not stickdude) #5

“in-game stats have stayed the same.”

thank god


In that case, I propose there should be an overall leaderboard as well that tracks progress since stats were saved, without resetting each season. No prizes or anything, just like the old leaderboard in the past. Except with stricter rules pertaining to Alt-Fking…

(Schallmeister) #7

So like a third leaderboard with the two leaderboards combined? And what stricter rules are you proposing? We’ve already came up with a new rule for alting - alting (with no past bans for illegitimate ranking) will get all of your accounts reset, no questions asked. And obviously alting with a past ban for illegitimate ranking still gets you perma’d.


I just read this thread a few moments ago, I remembered that I won a Valentines spinner at the end of last season. I was on SA for awhile without realizing I had the Valentines spinner.


That’s what I meant-- the old leaderboard didn’t have that rule, so most of the top 100 were alters. I’m proposing a leaderboard that doesn’t reset. So last season + this season + all other seasons. :slight_smile:

And my idea about restricted colors as prizes still stands, regardless of what happened to that other thread :stuck_out_tongue:

(circa 2005, 2018) #10

Is there any chance of adding extra prizes for a wider variety of categories? It could help increase interest in the Competitive Season for players of different skill and commitment levels. They don’t even have to be large prizes.

I know of a few spinners that would be perfect for the players with the most deaths or losses. Maybe there can be a special prize for the player with the highest Kill to Death Ratio (K/DR). Also, maybe a few hundred credits for players who reach a randomly determined Wins to Loss Ratio (W/LR). There are a lot of potential prize worthy stats under Player Profile.

Of course the winners for some of these categories will probably require a minimum number of Total Rounds Played (TRP) or Total Kills + Deaths (TK+D).

(Schallmeister) #11

I don’t think we’ve ever done anything by this - people can, and easily will, do it illegitimately. It could also be unfair. Someone having 2 kills and 0 deaths has the same K/D as someone who has 5000 kills and 2500 deaths, for example.

(Schallmeister) #13

We shall see :wink:

(Shane) #14


We all get to keep our Ranks again!!! Everyone kill those sticks!


About time.

(Lexus(17)) #16

I believe it’s how “competitive seasons” should look since September. Im very happy that it happened. Can’t wait to see someone’s on rank 10 or higher,. It will very hard, but possible if this game was at least as active as right now.


Glad to see the ranks are going to stay. I wish you all well but I think I’m really done with this game for good. I’m gunna be homeless in like 2-4 weeks so inless I find some place to live or i login on a library computer then I’m pretty much done with this game. Message me if you still want to keep in contact.


I feel like that would get abused and would tempt people into free killing/alting

(Nick) #19

April showers bring May flowersCompete in this competitive season to win these fresh spinners:

April Shower

May Flower

@Schooler for your efforts of proposing the idea on behalf of the players, pick one and message @Schallmeister the username of the account you’d like it to be added to (This has already been approved with Schall). It’ll also give players the chance to get a preview of the spinner in action.

Good luck everyone!

(Lexus(17)) #20

I would like to ask is there any chance to add fews lab pass days to whole top 50? (Next season)
I know from my experience that many people count for it. Don’t undestand me wrong i think reduce prizes to top 50 is good idea, however people could be more motivated to play if they have a chance to buy special spinner and create their own maps. Maybe they will be willing to buy lab pass too :).

(not stickdude) #21

I got almost 100 kills now