Season 4 Discussion (Stick Arena)

(Schallmeister) #1

Hello all!

As mentioned in the Season 3 Discussion thread, some changes will be made.

But as most of you are anxious to know, here are the prizes for Season 4:

Grand Prize – 15,000 Cred, 1 month Lab Pass + Valentine Spinner
Top 5 - 10,500 Cred, 2 week Lab Pass + Valentine Spinner
Top 10 - 8,500 Cred, 1 week Lab Pass
Top 20 – 6,500 Cred
Top 30 – 4,500 Cred
Top 40 - 3,500 Cred
Top 50 - 2,500 Cred

Now, with that being said, here are the aforementioned couple changes:

  • From here on out, each season will last 2 months.
  • The Top 100 has been reduced to the Top 50.

Season 4 will be from February 1 - March 31.

Alongside reducing the Top 100 to the Top 50, we’ve greatened the prizes a little bit, as we thought they might be deemed a little more worthy to try and obtain.

We’ve decided to leave urinal alone for now, though I know some will be disappointed - we can’t please both parties.

I think that covers the main details of this season. I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything.

We hope to see you guys on!

  • XGen Staff and Moderation Team


Thank youuuu!!! :smiley: omg


I cant thank you guys enough! This is the best for all parties! This is most def going to get a majority of players back in the game and interested. Again thank you to all the mods and admin who made this 2 month season and on point prizes. This is bound to be a very unique,competitive and rewarding season and i cant wait! This is going to be a fantastic season!

(Shane) #4

I love seeing you guys happy. :sunglasses:


We love when you make us happy! GG

(Lexus(17)) #6

It’s nice to see positive comments again. These prizes are strongly better for top 5 players than last season.
Will leaderboard reducing to top 50 including prizes soon?

(Metrø ßoomin) #7

Hopefully in season 5 we can see some tweaks to the Urinal map.

Good move dropping top 100, to 50

2 Months is better than 1, because i have yet to see a rank 10 since the reset & I hope to see at least one this season😂

The prizes are incredible, that grand prize is calling my name lol.

Goodluck everyone.

(Nick) #8

Short answer: Yes; Prizes will be exclusive to the top 50 verified accounts of each competitive season. A trade-off of the leaderboard reduction includes higher prize values.

The leaderboard itself has yet to be tweaked, but that may happen in the near future as well.

(Elited) #9

I’m actually glad its going to be 2 months, I may or may not win first place (atm) but this actually gives players who want a spinner a likelier chance of keeping the top 5 pace. Nice Job so far! :100:


Is the grand prize valentines spinner og or is it going to be any color we choose like season 2?

(Nick) #11

This holds true for the valentine spinner as with the candy cane spinner, so the valentine spinner for the victor of Stick Arena competitive season 4 will be the original one.


Appreciate the staff for listening to the community and making changes to make the season pleasing for everyone. Respect :100:

(Shane) #13

Great ideas everyone that has been communicating via Private Messages/Voice Chat – of course things to time to implement, which we are always communicating with the developers. All of your ideas are awesome and will be communicated.

In the meantime, get on Stick Arena and kill some Sticks =P

(Weary Of The World) #14

Internet out at home, can’t play even if I wanted to. :^)

(Schallmeister) #17

Keep in mind guys, only the Top 50 are going to be getting prizes. So make sure you’re there!

(Schallmeister) #18

The prizes for the Top 50 have been handed out! Thanks guys! :smiley:

I will be putting up a Season 5 discussion thread after I hand out the Boxhead prizes.

(Lexus(17)) #19

Didn’t expect add prizes to our accounts in Easter. Much respect.

(Nick) closed #20