Season 3 Discussion (Stick Arena)

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Several of you guys have been asking what the prizes will be for Season 3, so here they are!

Top 1 - 10,500 Cred, 2 week LP
Top 5 - 8,500 Cred, 1 week LP
Top 10 - 6,500 Cred
Top 20 - 4,500 Cred
Top 30 - 3,500 Cred
Top 40 - 2,500 Cred
Top 50 - 1,500 Cred
Top 75 - 1,000 Cred
Top 100 - 500 Cred

We apologize for the delay.

The accounts will be reset tomorrow at 10pm Mountain Standard Time (MST). The prizes will be handed out around the same time.

The Season 3 discussion for Boxhead will be up soon, as well as Season 4 discussions for both SA and BBH. We’re still tinkering around with some things, but a couple changes will be taking affect next season!

  • XGen and the Moderator Team

(Lexus(17)) #2

Taking into accounts I cared about cred the most on this season. According to me prizes are ok. Can’t wait next season.


So last seasons winners got christmas spinners. What do we get? Doesnt seem real fair to me. Id rather have a valentine spinner. :confused: i feel cheated


Hopefully season 4 has some great things to offer cause this season i kinda feel like my time wasn’t worth what i received.Congrats to everyone and cant wait for season 4! Would love to hear every ones opinions on season 4! :smiley:


Another season in the books!!

I had lots of fun playing with everyone this season and seeing some old faces. Even had the opportunity to meet some new people, which is awesome considering the size of the community.

The cred will be put to good use, as I’ve long been overdue to purchase some quality spinners. Special thanks to the mod team and staff for continuing to invest in this game and for finding ways to make it better.

I look forward to next season and discussing some of the new changes with everyone!


i got 6 kills this season, what do i get?

(Lexus(17)) #7

Just play 1/2 hours and you will get 500 cred. There’s still a time :wink:

(Skye Carpenter) #8

So i worked for 13th place just for me creds. Come on now that will push people without an LP to stop playing due to Urinal. Urinal players will always be Top 10 and even top 10 don’t get the a satisfaction of getting an LP. Think about the F2P players out there, like myself. Another thing i bet @icanasian feels cheated about a hacked spinner. Its not very fair so i say no to these prizes.


Or, ya know. Some of us miss our old ranks. :wink:

(jøeL) #10

Season 3 was amazing imo, but a lot of players do seem very unhappy with prizes. The 40 kills range worked well especially in the urinaling cases and had very fair games. The only improvement I’d recommend is the prizes, it does seem very unfair that only the very top players get Lab-Passes. Last time where everyone had atleast got a chance to experience how it was with a Lab Pass seemed like something they enjoyed.

I also liked the idea how a few people requested to keep their ranks instead of being reset every season and starting from 0 again and again.

(Tazer) #11

the fact that these competitive seasons exist is amazing as it is so thanks for it. But the prizes… I mean only the top 5 get Lab Passes? Is it really that much to ask for the top 100, hell 50, to just get a few days…? The community is so small at this point and yet you guys still seem to think a good few hundred creds make for a decent prize. Pretty much everybody who still plays this game has most of the spinners and map slots they want so a few creds does like nothing for them. That ■■■■ is pocket change. It’s disappointing


Agree 100%. I’ll always enjoy sticks with friends but I can’t see myself getting rank 7 in a month again for a couple thousand credits.


Why are you doing this to us? We ALL feel like we got screwed bone dry.


Great to see everyone happy! I really feel the people who still miss their previous ranks :laughing: But please appreciate the prizes and be kind to the mods. Good luck for the next season :+1:!
I’ll definitely be hopping on some time! :grin:

(Elited) #15

Possibly returning for season 4 :thinking: :man_shrugging:


I’d be more motivated to get 20k a month if our stats didn’t reset and we could actually go for rank 15.

At this stage of the game i’d love to get a chance to achieve the 3 ranks i never got the chance to.

Edit: Just a thought but what if ranks didn’t get reset and people got prizes for achieving milestones first ( First rank 6, 7 etc… ) And other prizes for things like tournaments and map making.

(Schallmeister) #18

Stick Arena prizes have been handed out. Thanks guys!

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