Season 2 Discussion (Stick Arena)

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I went through the list of users in the CP under the compromised moderator account and unbanned every account listed. The only reason some accounts aren’t unbanned is because you had multiple accounts banned in the lobby and they didn’t show in the CP (something that’s always been a thing).

So to everyone still banned from this, send me your username and I’ll get it unbanned for you.

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(Guard2001) #35

Guys what is going on i got banned again?

(Schall) #36

Another mod account was taken. As far as I know they’ve already been stopped.

Sorry again guys.

(angery) #39

So can we IP ban all of Poland now?

(Lexus) #40

It wasn’t a funny at all. Next time think before you type something please.You can insult someone’ s and not realise it. I know Michal’s since he started to play this game, so i feel yourself a little bit responsible for him. However people like Adas, Electrickman, Guard and Rivitek even don’t know who he is, so they are fully innocent, and even Firestone lose confidence to M2.

(angery) #41

Yet obviously more civil, reasonable methods for dealing with someone who has insisted on being a detriment to XGen in general haven’t worked. You have any better ideas?

(Lexus) #43

I don’t believe what do you write. Do you want “IP ban” innocent people just for nationality? No one with us not support Michal’s, at what he does. Some of us just tolerate him like a person and it’s difference.
Don’t forget he banned most of us, so nobody trust him anymore.
What if an American player attacked Xgen games? Should we banned all of America?
I understand American players represent of SA majority. (Over 60 percent I think).
I would remind you that lots polish players played SA for years, and even today we are one of most popular nationality on Stick Arena next to Americans, Canadians and Dutch.
I have nothing against sacrifice my accounts to safe this game and even could be agree for temporary IP ban.
Actually, I was pretty much offened by, but everything that you say. You treated all polish players like rubbish. Can’t understand why people liked this post at all. I thought we are just SA community, but I was wrong. I have lost faith with people, and don’t know I want to play anymore. Good luck winning spinners anyways.
Better ideas?
There is no excuse for that crime that Michal comitted. Yes, it’s cyber crime, and it should be more consequences than banned him. I really thought he will change himself, but it doesn’t work.
Admins still care about SA, but lets be honest now it’s just one of xgen games, not what used to be 2008-2011. The Load Road is future xgen, and Stick Arena is just past. All things come to the end. Moderators works hard to improve this game, it’s hard to say it will enough, but I still hope for save this game at least for fews months.


Hi guys please bring it to DM if you wish to continue speaking about your discussion as the topic here is getting a little unrelated to the one at hand, thank you much!!

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(☠) #46

oshiz thats my account lol

(angery) #47

rip :frowning_face:


Smh suicide hacks still exist.

Also might come back to shoot a couple sticks soon from time to time this is cool.


I agree, but counter to that, nobody is ever going to be able to grind on sa again due to monthly seasons. I really like the idea though, i wish it could be isolated better

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Don’t worry, there are always events to make the competitive season fun for grinding purposes. We just need to announce them P:


I cant wait what you guys have in store, it seems alot more organzied now, im liking it :smiley:

(Schall) #52

I’m going to be a bit more serious next season with this.

If I find any accounts on anyone’s IP that look like the accounts below, you can expect your account(s) to get reset, no questions asked.

(jøeL) #53

Just wanna thank all the XGen staff for an amazing Stick Arena Playday. I know most of the moderators sacrificed their own time to help out as much as they could. This was the first time I’ve experienced the playday, and it was great. I know this was an event that everyone had looked forward to and I’m pretty everyone had fun, as well as earning great prizes. We hope to see more events like this so everyone can come join in and have fun.

Also Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

(Elited, Du0) #57

Not everyone is gonna agree with what I’m about to say but I think Urinal should be taken away, or at least looked at. I mean it wasn’t as bad before since the limit was 60 kills per round, but now with 40 kills as the limit you could just legit kill idiotic noobs in pit to reach that. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people are gonna be more over than they should and it wouldn’t only be a race for first place among the guys who have the most kills. I’m not saying that it kills the games competition, but c’mon now do you really think I or anyone would want to legitimately try to get 10,000 kills in less than a week just because everyone above me is urinal’ing. Another thing is that since the limit was lowered (again) Urinal’ing is just as similar as alting except the statistics and the fact that alters are more likely to hack just to get somewhere. But yeah that’s just what I think, whether anyone wants to take note of it or disagree with it… I just think its something we should look at.

(Schall) #58

I disallowed urinal in the first season for that reason. Users getting 60 kills a game over the ones who play 2v2s or 1v1s getting maybe 20 kills a game max was completely unfair. I got the max kills per game lowered to 40 (credit to Jordan) because several people were wanting to urinal. The max kills per game is currently 40 and the max deaths is 99.

You’ll see the with suicide bots (again) the account is staying in the game until everyone has 40 kills, then leaves.

A REMINDER. Please don’t stay in the games the suicide hacker comes in. Keeping the kills from them will get you perma’d.

The Moderation team will close any games that were subjected to suicide hacking without question.

(angery) #60

tl;dr Urinal is a circlejerk. Do I have that right?