Season 2 Discussion (Stick Arena)

(Schallmeister) #64

Just so everyone knows:

The reset has already happened. However, with the prizes being different for the December season they were not automatically given out (at least I’m pretty sure they weren’t). We’ll be working on that this week, so hang tight.

This still stands true, so keep this in mind.

(Lexus(17)) #66

It’s official end of season 2. Reset stats has already happened again, so it’s time for resume.
I would like to thank some players’ for fight and help grinding kills.
@Muddy Our competitive for 1st will never forgotten. From my point of view it was one of most spectacular fight on leaderboard in SA history.
@Kero We been competing whole season to last last days. Im grateful you motivate me every day.
@Nicholas You always help me when I need it most, great season from you. Last days was no doubt yours.
@Apple512881 Many congratulations on top 5 great result. I hope you will fight for win next season, because you deserve for it.
@Ash Great rounds complete im pretty sure you will finish season on top5 soon. I think if you play pit a little bit more with your skills it would be easy for you.
@Agent_Kaze Your kills are really good results, im sure it could be even better. I think you were able to achieve top5 even without play urinal map. Next time just try to finish all your rounds.
I’d like to mention too other people who helped me a lot : @Guard, @To0m, @poizzzzzzzzzz , ,Ana, @RealSimon , Firestone and Rhodon.

Ban urinal map won’t change nothing. If you notice stats last season when urinal been banned we can state that it doesn’t affect for leaderboard. In addition it’s one of most popular map recently.

It was really wonderful time to play SA.
In my opinion this game is getting better .

(Weary Of The World) #68

I’m not doing it all over again.

(Schallmeister) #69

Lab Pass days and cred are being handed out! I will get with the Top 5 afterwards about their spinner.

Edit: All Lab Pass days and cred have been given out!


I don’t think actual account kills/ranks should reset every month. I think the leaderboards should just refresh every season. Some people are getting kills faster then ever (without alt fk) and should be able to keep ranking up instead of going back to rank 0 every month.

Other then that the system is fine it gets people who aren’t really a competitive (1v1, 2v2) players more of an initiative to wanna play and get kills. I could honestly see why Nico would say the game is getting better because now you’re not only killing to achieve rank you can win prizes.

As for urinal i don’t care much for it, i’ll get bored after a few rounds. Lots of people love it, but i could understand why people who don’t play it would feel like they’re at a disadvantage. Anyways the season was a cool experience. Keep sticks moving forward scrubs

(Schallmeister) #71

There’s a bit of a hiccup getting the wreath spinner working for anyone who wanted it in the Top 5 of last season as the spinner itself does change with the RGB (I don’t know color 2’s RGB and I don’t want to guess and risk messing the spinner up). If any of the Top 5 wanted the candy cane, however, I can go ahead and do that as the second color’s RGB doesn’t matter since the spinner itself doesn’t change with the RGB. If any of that made sense.

Season 4 Discussion (Stick Arena)

Any info to when BBH’s prizes will be awarded? ;c


I think the best thing that was done is after every season top 100 get some lp days, this is great to give players a sample of lp every month. I also love Magics not reset rank but season leader board idea.

(Weary Of The World) #76

Did you ever figure the wreath one out?

(Schallmeister) #77

Yes, I added it to your account a couple of days ago. Sorry about the wait.


Are the prizes suppost to be announced soon for season 3?

(Nick) #79

Prizes for the awardees of Stick Arena Competitive Season 3 shall be announced soon, yes. Potential changes to the competitive seasons are being weighed, hence the delay. Aforementioned ideas are being taken into consideration as well, so hang tight for now.


Just want to throw this out there. Aslong as urinal is still allowed i am done competing. Players who don’t urinal 24/7 literally have no chance for top 3.

(Lexus(17)) #81

Honestly don’t think allowed urinal map is unfair. From my point of view playing uri is saving our time to play. However If you don’t want to play this map it’s your choice. 15K kills isn’t something what can’t do on 1 month without playing urinal map. Try to play pit, random hammer maps, classic/ballistick/custom maps or FFA aim. Obviously for 30K it could be not enough. Other side if you noticed @icanasian rounds complete (over 1100) it’s amazing result. Im sure even if urinal map was outlaw this season. No one wouldn’t be able pass him


Its not about whats possible without urinal, its about whats possible when people play urinal all day. Someone who dosen’t play urinal would have to play double the amount of time as someone who dosen’t… If you’re good at melee its respectable, but urinal dosen’t even take skill or make people learn the game.


Urinal is never getting banned so id eathier suggest get kills like kero did last season did or join :smiley:

(jøeL) #84

I don’t support either side, but the main fact to consider is that players are still getting on because they like urinaling. I even saw a player say, “if they ban urinals, then i’m never coming back to this game”. I’d suggest keeping urinals in tact, but limiting the kills is the only way to keep it fair. I like how it is currently, and support the changes!

I also encourage people not to kick people who “Free-Kill” as many people don’t even know that rule and new players are getting kicked which might result in them not coming back. They’ll be able to learn that factor as they play more.


Lmao i dont care enough to join you to be honest. This is a discussion thread so i was giving my thoughts on the season and to be honest there are a bunch of players who agree… @Kero actually played real games for his kills and he lost to people who urinal all day so you helped make my point.

@joeL I agree about limiting the kills because i guess players do enjoy urinal.


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I don’t think limiting the number of kills again on its own would change anything. Someone who plays only FFAs or 1v1/2v2s would still get significantly less kills in the long run than other players who frequently urinal. Let’s say you decrease the number of kills to 35 or 30. Players FFAing in Hq or pit (most popular maps) are getting anywhere from 10-25 kills per round, sometimes more if they’re lucky. Players who urinal with 3-4 people easily get 30-35 per game. And once players hit the max, they’ll just stop getting kills and help the others max out. Even with two players you can still get 30 kills per round. This may not seem like a huge difference, but it adds up after a while, especially since groups of players tend to urinal for long periods of time over many rounds.

That being said, if we ban urinal then we should also ban hammer/melee maps that allow for a high number of kills. But then we start getting into the weeds about which maps are legal/illegal. This just seems too difficult to moderate and as previously stated, a few players might leave because they enjoy these aspects of the game.

Has anyone thrown around the idea of increasing round time? Having an extra minute would allow FFA players to get more kills per round and approach the limit. How many times have you guys gotten 40 kills per round in an FFA map in 5 minutes recently? If you really wanted to discourage urinaling, you could increase round time and decrease # of max kills. Some have also thrown around the idea of limiting the prizes each season and focusing on other parts of the game (e.g. map making, tournaments, play days, etc.), and I really like this idea. Competitive seasons aren’t the only thing SA has to offer and some players might return if we focus on these other aspects of the game.