Season 2 Discussion (Boxhead Bounty Hunter)

(nooga) #21

Pretty sure the game died again because nobody could log on for weeks, and then school started. If the ddos hadn’t happened it probably would still be fine for games

(Jairo) #22

We still have games going but less than before the ddos attacks, I think some people still think we’re getting attacked or they cba to log on anymore. But we’ll get them back soon hopefully.

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #25

I played two (2) games and made it back to my righteous place in top 10.

(Chris.kamara) #26

Damn I. At work right now I will be online at 1:00 to 5 my first thing I’m going to buy is wallet :heart_eyes:

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #29



:skull:im not playing till the 2nd week

(Jerry Holmen) #41

How long will season2 last?

(Lexus.) #42

Most probably 1 month, like SA competitive season.

(Schall) #43

For confirmation, December will be a season on its own for both games.

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #46

I can’t seem to find anything equivalent to “technical difficulties” thread, so I’ll be posting this here.

Yes, I’m aware that there are accounts that have been compromised (but did you mean only forum accounts by that, or?) I can’t login to any of my accounts. According to I have as many wins and rounds as the last time I checked. Which means that if a hacker somehow got my pass, hacked in a game, and therefore got banned, he didn’t stay until the end of the round, which would be unusual. All the boxhead moderators also know me well enough to know that I wouldn’t hack, so I’m guessing that this hacker got a pass to an account of a bbh moderator and banned me. So someone please confirm.

I don’t really care as long as you’ll fix this in a few days, sooner the better.

(Shane) #48

With the recent notifications that have been sent out about the compromise, I believe your question has already been answered.

If not, please DM me, do not worry, all of this will be resolved.


(Shane) #54

Please wait a little bit longer for the IPs to be unbanned. It will get done.

Thanks guys.

(Jiren The Gray) #55

Thank you all for fixing the problem guys im unbanned now thx very much to yall :slight_smile: now lets go get some bps :slight_smile:

(Schall) #58

Sorry about the wait, but the Season 2 prizes for Boxhead have been handed out!

(Jiren The Gray) #59

Thx a lot man :heart:

(Schall) #62

Sorry about the wait Boxhead folks!

The prizes for Season 3 (and the topic for discussion) will be done tomorrow. The Season 4 Discussion thread will probably be made tomorrow as well (maybe a day or two later).

(Nicholas) #63