Season 2 Discussion (Boxhead Bounty Hunter)

(Schall) #1

Hey guys!

So I haven’t really heard of anything that could be considered tweaking from Boxhead. Is everything going alright over there? Any suggestions, ideas, or thoughts?

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As Shift had mentioned before, maybe 1 month instead of 3 is enough. To keep the game going active every month, the game died out in november.

(Wolf) #3

I wouldn’t really say the game “died out.” School year’s in full swing and people are just generally busy, activity just seems pretty low because the number of players we had to begin with was already pretty low. Nevertheless, 1 month seasons sounds like a good idea, only concern is that some players may start to lose an incentive to play because most are already a bit hesitant about the idea of the game resetting every 3 months.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #4

I think every BBH players are playing consoles games/moved on and ofc school like bekfist said.

(Weary Of The World) #5

So in retrospect, was the reset worth it?


Yes. The reset made some old players come back. The reset got the game going again but in November the game was not as active as it was in October and September, ya know? hence why I think it should be shortened to 2 months or 1 month.

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #7

Boxhead was 99% dead before the reset. Earning bounty pees was impossible because there weren’t enough players to have a big game often. For new players, becoming wanted had been impossible for quite a while. Resetting the game was worth it even only for these three months, because there’s no point in being wanted if no one plays the game. When resetting was suggested on the forums 2-3 years ago, every single wanted was against it, even the ones who had already quit. Now every single player wanted it because it’s a fact that we were at the point where this was the only thing you could do to prolong boxhead’s life. Boxhead won’t last through many of these resets, though. When the players who are still active quit, there won’t be enough players anymore because every possible new player gets turned away after dying 40 times in a game with 15 weapon switchers. There’s only one thing you can do: enjoy the fun while it lasts.

Idea: make the seasonal prizes bigger, and of different sizes. This is to prevent that 80% of wanteds quit after the first week of the season, so that they still have some motivation to keep playing after experiencing the reset.
For instance: 2000xcash for the most most wanted, 1500 xcash top 5, 1200x top 10, 1000 top 20, 800 top 30, 600 top 40, 500 top 50… and so on. Idk how much xcash you’re able to give away tho. You should also reward from recording hackers.


Rewarding recorders is probably one of the best ideas I’ve heard yet.

Apart from a lowered run time and increase in XCash prizes for the top 10, I’d suggest removal of alts from the leaderboards to prevent users from building up XCash in separate accounts.

To touch up on the increase in prizes ideal, 500 XCash for top 5 just seems too low, almost being equivalent to a weeks worth of lab pass (500 XCash can be a weeks worth of 3 premiums).

We don’t want everyone to become a premium beast, but someone taking the time competing for top 1-10 truly deserves it, considering those spots are probably the most challenging to reach, where the threshold of competition is highest.

(Lexus.) #9

I play BBH since 1 months, so I have a small expierence. For me an additional award for players with most kills could be good idea.

(champ) #10

decrease rewards for rank 10-100 to 100 xcash

(Jiren The Gray) #11

Is bbh still alive or it is still ddose??
and damn i thought 2k was gon be mod too

(Shane) #12

BBH is very much alive, my good sir. Please feel free to go to the game and enjoy yourself like you always have. The community is strong and is thriving. We just recently chose 3 new BBH mods to oversee the game, and they are just a joy to hang out with! Go on to the game and see for yourself :smiley:

(Jiren The Gray) #13

Cool so i guess the anonymous ppl that ddosed bbh finally got tired :joy:

(Shane) #14

Well, lets just say the community is stronger than ever, and I believe everyone should just play the game as it was intended :sunglasses:

I can say for a fact, that everyone deserves to gain those bounty points! New competitive season coming up, let’s make it an enjoyable one, especially since its a Holiday season :smiley:

(Jiren The Gray) #15

Christmas Break :grin: hope they make 1v1, 2v2 and FFA tournaments this Christmas break

(Shane) #16

You can bank on that one my friend. :clinking_glasses:

(Chris.kamara) #17

Xgen multiplayer games are dead…and also xgen should be post up on another mmorpg website .if that happen it could help out for more playes?..i did a look up on some online webrown game it was hard to find a xgen multiplayer game I think xgen should start sharing ther website on more mmorpg site that could help for more player the futuer …im just saying lol

(Kaelyn) #18

Which sites are you talking about specifically?

(Chris.kamara) #19

I’m talking about mmorpg browser games …when I look up for new games to play I try looking up boxhead or sa just to see if other site heard of xgen but most mmorpg browser games site’s dosnt have any of xgen mulitplayer games so I was wondering maybe xgen needs to share out the sites on some mmorpg browser games site’s…dont get me wrong but I do see some xgen game on few sites but just not on the popular games site where ppls look up for game the best so far is steam?


Oh, I have that in the bag don’t worry. I’m going to host something way better.