Rhyme this word?

(mack) #22

not gonna get smoked my guy u think u king roast but u as sweet as buttered toast uwu

(OOF) #23

No flavor in your toast late nights in the trap catch me in the bay by the coast

(Others call me Tqiy ) #24

we sailing ona boat we be chillin we be coo we be hittin by the pool

(Emir) #25

Red beam on your nose, spray on yo block like garden hose almost got hit bih u were close

(Others call me Tqiy ) #26

dogged him in basketball broke his ankles like the host i dont do no jokes

(mack) #29

Working the trap like i work the farm use no yokes uwu


Perpetuated by you folks

(mack) #32

cus u are so very very broke