Rhyme this word?

(jøeL) #1

I thought we should play a Rhyming Game. This is simple. Each player posts a word or a whole phrase that rhymes with the one posted above him. I’ll start it with: Sauce.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #2

I gotta type 10 more characters it says so…


(mack) #3

but my team still manages every loss…

(Ddmasterkiller) #4

I like motocross

(RaS) #5

I can’t take a lost

(Glor-uh) #6

oh jesus that female looks like rick ross

(Jairo) #7

and her teeth needs to get flossed

(Schall) #8

with that painting that looks glossed

(Shane) #9

I keep breakin’ yall ankles like, criss-cross

(RaS) #10

Football is my sport, call me Randy Moss

(Wolf) #12

You know what you do before you go to bed? Floss.


lemme just TOSS you this ALBATROSS


to take a cute selfie with and get AWES

(Emir) #15

Hit yo Block with that Ddos

(Others call me Tqiy ) #16

toss him down da steps im da ghost

(RaS) #17

I eat your girl like French toast.

(mack) #18

not tryna brag, not tryna boast uwu

(Shane) #19

First and foremost, I run the command post, they take orders from coast to coast.

(mack) #20

dats cus ur from the east coast try winning without host when it comes to L’s uve taken the most.


(Shane) #21

At the most, I’m King Roast, stay a ghost or get smoked, you’ll never be able to touch my goalpost.