Revive The Boxhead Community

(rektgg) #1

as you know people have been playing boxhead for years now the lobby use to be filled with 50+ players the whole day non-stop but now you will bearly get to see 10+ players online a day
like we need to revive boxhead make it bigger get more people to play

honestly i lost intrest in this game since 2011 but i kept playing

i just vist rarley but anyways there use to be so much players so much you-tubers but now there all gone and box head is officially dead



that’s why I quitted back then


Hi im new to forums

I’m beginning to think its best to let the game die. BBH currently consists of two mods that come on 1-2 times every few months, hacker infested games, and a community that has pushed away new players. XGen won’t sponsor a wanted list reset or ban the inactive wanted accounts. The wanted list has become too high for any new player to gain any BPS with the very few active wanteds today. I don’t see this changing anytime soon given how XGen no longer cares about their flash games.

tl;dr: Move onto better games with players who end up hacking because they can’t place above 10th.



Only way to even remotely increase the activity is through wanted list reset.

I’d encourage the current moderation team to evaluate banning all inactive accounts in the game that have not logged in for past 3 months. This wouldn’t be hard and can be implemented reasonably well. We’re talking about a make or break situation here, this option should be on the table and if it means keeping a almost-dead game alive I see no reason why we shouldn’t consider this.

Seriously, we’ve got nothing to lose.

Are we ready to do this?


(Luis) #5

That won’t happen.



Why not even consider it?


(Luis) #7

Not logging in doesn’t violate any BBH/MMOcha rules. Issuing hundreds of bans just for not logging in would be incredibly time consuming, and would probably result in the moderator team’s removal for banning almost all of BBH.


(Timbo) #8

Just let the game die :smiley:



I’m not talking about going rouge and banning them all. It would require admin approval from the XGen team first. While being inactive doesn’t violate any rules, BBH rules have changed in the past and the inactive players won’t even know since they don’t log on.

The obvious downside is that a rare inactive player may choose to hop on BBH, in which case the mod team would have to facilitate the unban for them.

It would not be time consuming as there is a script that automatically bans inactive players that have been used in the past (re-call the Nooga weekend in which thousands of inactives were banned and activity boomed). Although at around 28kbp the immense volume of accounts will take a bit of time. But the time is definitely not the factor here, it could be done effectively in a few days and not affect any active player.

While this certainly might not seem logistically appropriate, we’re talking about a dead game that could seriously use some activity boost. I think the positives here outweigh the negatives. I personally know that this method is highly favourable among the little community we have left, so I’m simply putting it on the table for you guys to discuss.

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(Luis) #11

BBH rules have never been changed to support such an odd ban reason.

I doubt any moderator, or especially a majority, would agree that banning almost every single BBH account has more positives than negatives.

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The Fuffly ban farming rule was one of the most absurd rules ever added and eventually I got it removed completely. So yeah there have been odd ban reasons added in the past to account for changing circumstances, but that’s beside the point.

Well its certainly not an ideal method, but we’re talking about ways to revive the game and push activity and this method would 100% work, so I simply put it on the table for consideration.

There may be some other small methods such as further advertisement, youtube videos, maybe some little updates etc. But updates and advertisement seems impossible at this stage.

So I guess at this stage we all have to accept that BBH will die and enjoy it while we can.


(Luis) #13

I don’t know what that is but it’d have to be pretty ridiculous to beat banning hundreds of users for simply not logging in.

Agreed, very far from that.

Hopefully we’ll see some more activity trickle in over time.



Let’s hope it does for the sake of the game, and thanks for discussing this.

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(Timbo) #15

Just let the game die, it’s been almost 10 years since it was made. Some things are meant to die.If you want a game that’s not that dead go play SA, The community is way better, not as many hackers, more mods, and once you learn to play it can be pretty fun.



Activity isn’t decent at the moment and when it does begin to rise all it takes is one hacker to crush it. I mean this can be solved by active mods or even better perhaps by patching hacks. Though for long-term activity, a ban-spree really does seem like a viable option as stupid as it sounds. The wanted list just seems flooded with accounts; though those players have earned their spots on the list by putting the time in and the list wouldn’t really look as rewarding if unskilled players reach it. Question is whether this outweighs activity or not.


(Schallmeister) #17

Millions of accounts.

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Hire Nooga & Sup4r. I’m sure they’d be more than willing to do it again. Memes aside, I don’t see the problem with an overall reset w/o banning the accounts. Would it really be that hard for XGen ?_?. As n3rd said earlier, there is nothing left to lose. At this rate BBH is guaranteed to be completely dead by the end of 2017.



*Alts, some abandoned for over 10 years.


(Wolf) #20

I’ve been a fan of this game since 2010, and it honestly does pain me to see decreased activity on this game, especially after spending a long time playing and seeing it’s full potential. Personally, I think the “revival of BBH” solely rests upon the mindset of the players what we as a community want for it. Maybe an alternative method to a banning spree could be increased advertising?


(rektgg) #22

kinda funny you said that i just like logging in once in a while checking if the game dies or not/