Remembering Deceased Players Thread

(Walking Shadows) #1

This thread is to all the Boxheads who have passed away so that we may honor and remember them, if you know a BBH player who has gone to a better place, this thread is for you to share your memories with them.

Update: Termini does NOT have a heart tumor, it was in fact someone spreading lies on EvilDrone, but this thread will continue on since you never know what might happen.

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #3

I seriously hope he’s doing better now, but this still feels like a good time to write down some of my best memories about “TermiDrone”.

I remember when we first met, we started talking about small things, and we didn’t have any big conversations. But over time we learned to know each other better, and we became BBH friends, sometimes annoying each other to then make peace again.
Our soccer conversations were often on point. In total, we might have spent 20 hours on talking about the World Cup and somehow not boring each other.
I always felt like our values and thoughts were very similar, and maybe that’s the biggest reason why we became friends.

EDIT: Some dude trolled us, and he’s doing just fine… I guess Evil will read this with a big smile.


I think Joelsanchez3 spent all of his money on diamond supply co apparel and then starved to death because of the subsequent debt.

Also Jett got married? death maybe maybe not same thing when you are married.

(2k10adderr) #5

HSV and killarr definitely died.


can’t forget igotdaswag, passed away because of cancer. r.i.p

(nooga) #8

viper did the investigative work and hsv is actually 1000% dead RIP


There is a special place in heaven reserved for top boxhead players, may HSV and Killarr rest in peace.

(Luca) #10

These are jokes, right? I don’t mean to sound stupid but the thread was made for serious stuff until it turned out that Termini was just having someone on his acc.

I just wanna make sure that people aren’t actually dead-


RIP Mucha for being dead inside. slow claps


Rip SpikeSpiegal

(Felda) #13

he used to be my idol back in 2009 he was able to execute a beautiful strafe circling technique with uzis or dual pistols I forgot too bad hes ded now lol rip spike

(Nikki) #14

;o Muchaaa

(Luca) #15

Spike is my idol, period.
Best player of that generation by far, just my opinion.