Post Your Favorite BBH Video


I’m looking for way more people to 1v1, so PM me in-game when you see me if you want to be a part of this series. Thanks.

(By the way - there is already a “post your video” thread for BBH)

(Christopher.holmen) #25

good game n3rd

(Schall) #26

With this being said, I’ll merge this thread with the other one.

(tyler louis) #27


should have used a different editor

(Christopher.holmen) #29

with prems sexy wins buh with out them he truly a sucky

(tyler louis) #30

what ? lol i have won alot of games without shoes and i dont need them and my laptop is cracked really bad so its hard for me to see that much and

(UnknownKiller) #31

You’re nitro or no.

(Jiren The Gray) #32

(tyler louis) #33 , < just something to post i got other videos just never uploaded them i need a good app to edit my videos if anyone knows one that would be very helpful :slight_smile: