Old Scamming Method (No Longer Works)

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I asked Red on discord for permission to share this. A question you may ask is why I’m making this thread, and who the ■■■■ cares. Well, if one person cares then good enough. If you don’t care then idc that you don’t care. As for why, I think some people may find it interesting.

So first off, I wasn’t the one who discovered this. IIRC Guy was, or at least one of the first. I discovered this on my own though after anti-scamming.

This method allows you take retrieve someone’s password without them telling you it. This is called the Kongregate scam, which no longer works since stick arena is deleted from kongregate. So here is how it was done…

Okay so first you had to make an account with kongregate, and on that website you had an option to make a stick arena account via your kongregate account. Sort of like how you can register to a website via facebook. If you have your facebook account you can access your account on that website you registered on. Following? In other words, if you have access to your kongregate account then you have access to the stick arena account. You can log in without entering the password. So my kongregate account was asgfgh, and the account made via kongregate was asgfgh2. If I didn’t know the password to asgfgh2, I can still log on the account via my kongregate account.

That was the first reason why this worked. The second is that under the account management section where you log on and change your password, on kongregate it didn’t have the option to change your password. Instead it showed you your current password.

So you create a kongregate account and create a stick arena account via your kongregate account. Lets say the username is “Hello.” If the account is made via kongregate it would add a 2 if the sa name was taken, so the stick arena username would be “Hello2.”

The next step it to level the account, because you’re going to give it away for free. You would alt the account to level 6 or 7 usually, to a point where someone would accept the account for free, because no one wants a rank 2 with no unique username.

Now you have your account. Now you find someone in the lobby who you want to scam. The account “Bye” is looking juicy, it is a rank 10 account. I would PM Bye and say “hi, I’m quitting stick arena. You want my account?” Some people say sure right away, some are skeptical and you have to convince them. Just convince them to accept your account, and let them no that there are no strings attached. Say something like “my password is lol123, hope you like my account,” then log out. You would give them your real password, and they would log on to your account and change the password

Now you don’t have the password to your account, but no problem! You can log on via kongregate. And not only that, you can check your current password. AKA the password that they changed it to. Most people use the same password for everything, so you can check if the password the “Bye” the rank 10 works. If it does, which it usually does, then you change the password. They can recover it via email, but a lot of people didn’t have access.

There was one guy who is well known in the community who I scammed around 2012. He had the same password for everything, literally everything. Including his forums account. I went on his forums account and pm’d a mod for the email to his account, pretending to be him. Now I have access to his email. And with his email I have access to his facebook. All of that I had access to. Luckily for him I’m not a ■■■■, but I wanted to see how far I could go out of curiousity. I gave him his email and fb info back but I kept his sa acc, guess I am a ■■■■ after all. I gave it back a few years later since I quit around late 2013.

This method isn’t exactly unknown, I’m sure some people at least heard of it but very few people know how it works.


I think Goodman posted this on the old forums once. I certainly remember someone discussing the intricacies of it once…

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I know what you’re talking about, aku made the post. No one said how it worked though.

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Anubis taught me this scam its kind of a waste of time imo

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Considering the fact I snagged dozens of rank 10+ and at least one acc of every rank up to 15 I say I gotta disagree lol.

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In 2018 yes its a waste of time maybe back then it worked well but now no its nowhere near worth it


This was definitely one of the most effective ways to take from people back in the day. Got a ton of crazy accounts. To my knowledge I’m the first one to do this. If I wasn’t the first i was definitely the best at it lol but that’s nothing to be proud of. Looking back it was really stupid but we were kids right? Hope everyone’s doing good.