Official Stick Arena Hacker/Scammer Thread

(Skye Carpenter) #176

Of course.

(James) #178

Pinning this topic for 2 days so that everyone can see that it has been renamed.

(angery) #179

(Nicholas) #180

Banned, thanks.

(Lexus) #181

Please check this person "shonnyd951, i couldn’t kill him during playing 2 rounds with him.

(Schall) #182

Hmm, I banned him 8 days ago for using god hacks. I would say it’s safe to say he’s still at it then.


(Lexus) #183

Edit: Banned.

(Lexus) #184

Check zreawqzseawq12 we couldn’t kill him.

(Malarky) #185 Hacker : Robbest

(Malarky) #186 Hacker : Hawaiianbreeze

(ℳʀ. Ƭσαd) #187

“Done. Thank you”

lol, always wanted to say that.