Official Stick Arena Hacker/Scammer Thread

(RaS) #143

Why would you act like a douche anyways? Just the fact that you have no respect for anyone but the mods, should keep you banned… He asked you a simple yes or no question, but instead you wanted to act like you’re the ■■■■ and be cool. This is exactly why the community is so dead. No one can respect one another and be cool. Instead people just wanna be douchebags and ■■■■ talk one another. Pathetic at what i am seeing, especially where and what this community has gone through. Don’t sit here acting innocent and making up excuses. Be kind to one another, talk to one another, and just play peacefully.

(.443.) #144

i guess not :man_shrugging:t4:

(Lexus.) #145

I got the impression, we should turn off computers these hackers, Even ban for 20 years it can be too little.
BTW. We all quit to lobby, it isn’t a round we want to play.

(Weary Of The World) #147

@Schallmeister so bigblinky was saying?

(Schall) #148

Got him, thanks.

Funny how that works.

(Lexus.) #149

Check this person “iorior8”.

(Princess Luna) #150

User has previous hacking strike on ip, banned.


(Lexus.) #162

(Schall) #163

Taken care of, thanks.

(Lexus.) #164

(Shane) #165

All good, thanks brother.

(Weary Of The World) #166

(Nicholas) #167

Done, thanks.

(Schall) #168

I even scoped that one out in the lobby…

(Lexus.) #169

(Schall) #170

Mousy got this account along with several others. Thanks!

(Lexus.) #172

(Nicholas) #173

User has been caught ban-evading multiple times.

Done, thanks.

(Skye Carpenter) #174

(Nicholas) #175

Done, thanks. Reminder to everyone not to stay in games to the effect of illegal kills being obtained.