Official Stick Arena Hacker/Scammer Thread

(paul) #122

Some uber trippiness guy came in and started doin this…

(paul) #123

Now I just got banned WTF???!?

(Schall) #124

I banned the suicider.

Do NOT stay in those games to keep the kills. The ban will be longer if you do.

(paul) #125

Thank you. How long am I banned for? Never seen anythin like that

(Schall) #126

Just 5 minutes. I saw you were 60-0 in XGen HQ, so I kicked you out (for your sakes) and hit you with a 5 minute ban to check on who you were real quick.

(Schall) #127

As a matter of fact, as soon as you joined the game you had 60 kills.

(paul) #128

Yea that sounds crazy idk he was doin that so I left n then when I joined Xgen I got 1 kill n then kick n ban. Didnt do anythin

(Schall) #129

(Schall) #130

Hey thanks for kicking me. I appreciate it.

(paul) #131

LMAO will never happen again…btw thats crazy man it didnt show 60 for me at all

(.443.) #132

Why I get banned lol, I wasnt the one using any hacks. I just joined the game and started getting those kills. & I told this one dude f off cuz he was being annoying. My account is banned now. When will it be unbanned?? = .443.

(.443.) #133

I got banned for the same thing lol

(Schall) #134

All you had to do was answer me.

I’ll request an unban on your account. Let this be a warning to you. Do NOT keep the kills from the suiciders.

(.443.) #135

lmaoooo yooo unbann my joint. I aint hack

(.443.) #137

Btw, i aint see you tryna talk to me. didnt know you asked me a question. Lmaooo I aint know you was Lindsey

(Schall) #138

There just wasn’t any need to say what you did when I was trying to get an answer from you.

(.443.) #139

naw cuz ppl on sa be mad annoying. if you was on your mod account i wouldve replied. but my bad

(Schall) #140

Being like that to anyone gets you nowhere.

(.443.) #141

trust me, im far from no where. anyways my fault for it. just let me know when im be unbanned when you can.

(Metrø ßoomin) #142

Lmao 443 really isn’t that smart is he​:sob::sob::joy: