Official Stick Arena Hacker/Scammer Thread

(Princess Luna) #42

@Reventon all 4 are banned.

@cole he’s banned.



KKK asking me for my password. - - @Schallmeister


hackers are stil active :confused:

(Schallmeister) #50

Give me like 5 minutes and I’ll hop on these.

(Schallmeister) #51

@Capone I heard this account was passed around and was set up to get it banned. I don’t feel comfortable banning the account.

@Ddmasterkiller Both banned, thanks.

@Reventon I can’t find the username. They might have changed their username. I’ve tried every combination of letters I could think of for it.

@Declave Got him, thanks. It’s interesting because is on the same IP. Must be two people at the same household.

(Headass Boy) #71

I don’t know, but it look like bots

(Lexus(17)) #72

(Schallmeister) #74

@AngryNinny Just so I’m clear with this, the radius you speak of is a small area around the person right?

@AltersReporterHeadas I have an idea who it is, but I’m not 100 percent positive yet. I logged all their IPs and am watching.

@Lex I’m looking into this.

@RedMist check what I said at Angry’s post.

Official Boxhead Bounty-Hunter Hacker/Scammer Thread

I don’t think he put the hacker reports here, because this thread is the category for Stick Arena.

(CrAzyXLeGenD) #94

its not ‘‘All is welcome to post here’’

(Schallmeister) #95

I edited the OP at the end of June saying all is welcome to post here. It seems silly to me to have separate threads.

(Merk) #114

(Schallmeister) #115

Framing someone to get them banned Merk, Michal, isn’t very nice.

You didn’t do a good job hiding that alt of Michal’s in the video. Name changing it was smart though.

Enjoy the ban.

(Alex) #116


For some reason I’ve been banned temporarily, it’s probably because someone reported me doing the glitch where you go through a wall switching tabs.

I don’t know what the correct term is for the glitch but it would be nice to be unbanned I didn’t know the correct rules since I just got back playing the game like 2-3 weeks ago. I’m kinda new to this forums thing I didn’t know it was a thing til I decided to actually checked it out

(A few weeks ago I asked why 2DC was down you told me that someone crashed or something like that on forums.)

So then I searched xgen forums and I found this, I’ve read the ban appeal rules but it says I have to wait 6 months for the ban but when I try to login it says “temporarily.”

In-Game Username: rezohfyy
Email associated with account: [removed by a mod]
Reason: The bug where you go through walls by switching tabs

I would PM you on this website but I don’t know how.

(Schallmeister) #117

You got a 24 hour ban for Chrome glitching. The ban should have expired at 9:11 pm CT yesterday.

It falls under the category of glitch abuse, whether it was intentional or not.

Also, the appeal system is for permanently banned accounts only, granted it gives you the same message.

(Andrey Dlcrz) #120

Recently this new hacker is on

i have proof his name is> lifeishardbutudonkno


(Lexus(17)) #121

Some people never will understand their mistakes.

(paul) #122

Some uber trippiness guy came in and started doin this…

(paul) #123

Now I just got banned WTF???!?

(Schallmeister) #124

I banned the suicider.

Do NOT stay in those games to keep the kills. The ban will be longer if you do.