Official Stick Arena Hacker/Scammer Thread

(RaS) #16

Another one of those “auto kick” once u join game… Username : Emperorofdeath

(Luis) #17

We can’t accept screenshots as proof but I’ll keep an eye out for him.

(Schall) #18

I know this particular user has been caught before using this trainer so there’s really no doubt in my mind he’s using a trainer. But yes, we do need video evidence.

(Luis) #22

This topic is for reporting hackers, not for arguing with each other. Any off topic comments that don’t contain reports will be removed.


godliketumor101 - GODMODE CITY

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Quick question, is this thread for Stick Arena only or is it for all XGen online multiplayer games? The category shows as Stick Arena and I see a BBH post above.

(Lexus.) #29

Please check this person. I couldn’t kill him not once any round.

(Schall) #30

Just found him in 2DC using god hacks. User is banned.


Hello Moderators, I’ve recorded a server with multiple of suicide hacking games that I’ve came across from boredom and here to report it to you guys. It took a long time trying to load this Bandi cam up and some people who doesn’t like me already trying to put suspicion to Capone of suicide hacking which I don’t even know how to do.

Suicide Games - -

(Schall) #36

@Capone, banned. From numbers 20-28

@Reventon, both are banned.

@AutomaticReload, might as well be both.

Thanks guys.



(Princess Luna) #42

@Reventon all 4 are banned.

@cole he’s banned.



KKK asking me for my password. - - @Schallmeister


hackers are stil active :confused:

(Schall) #50

Give me like 5 minutes and I’ll hop on these.

(Schall) #51

@Capone I heard this account was passed around and was set up to get it banned. I don’t feel comfortable banning the account.

@Ddmasterkiller Both banned, thanks.

@Reventon I can’t find the username. They might have changed their username. I’ve tried every combination of letters I could think of for it.

@Declave Got him, thanks. It’s interesting because is on the same IP. Must be two people at the same household.

(Headass Boy) #71

I don’t know, but it look like bots

(Lexus.) #72

(Schall) #74

@AngryNinny Just so I’m clear with this, the radius you speak of is a small area around the person right?

@AltersReporterHeadas I have an idea who it is, but I’m not 100 percent positive yet. I logged all their IPs and am watching.

@Lex I’m looking into this.

@RedMist check what I said at Angry’s post.

Official Boxhead Bounty-Hunter Hacker/Scammer Thread