Official SA Trivia thread

(not stickdude) #115

Actually, impulse was the 1st non employee mod in 2005. Think you were modded with weezy as well. Back when mods were actually needed. Good times

Pssst, you forgot a question, and the answer to the previous question.

  • Schall

(Shad0ws / Jon) #116

Who are all the users shown in the lobby tutorial?

(Nick) #117

A: superbrawlpikachufan


v 1.588 (Classic/Ballistick) & v 1.598 B (Dimensions)
  • killer.jay
  • shrooble
  • skye
  • weezy
  • woooooooooooooooooo
  • …shade1…
  • ,.e.,c,.m.,
v 1.313 (Original)
  • killa,red
  • moldy
  • spine
  • stuart.hart
  • tearyknight
  • velocityx

Q: Which unverified account had the most kills prior to the reset?
Hint: Account was rank 15, would be #20 on the legacy leaderboard if verified

(Lexus(17)) #118

Still active player …7.up…

What mod account had the most kills prior to the reset?

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #119


Who had the best sword running sk1llz


^I’m bringing this thread back because it’s a fun thread, but please try not to post questions without a definitive answer, like the one above. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Q: What weapon was originally not part of XGen HQ?

( Muchacho negro 👦🏿 ™️) #121


Who was the first person to get 500k kills before the reset?


Wrong, it was the blue glock.

First person to get 500k kills before the reset was Deathpre.

Q: The Valentine’s spinner glitch caused the name to become what color?

(Schallmeister) #123

Black I believe. I think that’s what Targa’s spinner is.

What player had the most kills that wasn’t on the leaderboard before the reset?

(Elited) #124

…7.UP… was that player.

Which player was one kill away from rank 14 before the reset, but got banned?