Official SA Trivia thread

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… lololol

Uhh Jason8? it wasn’t a girl btw.

(OOF) #91

When did targex tournements stop taking place?

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around 2014

Who are the winners of the 10th year anniversary Tournament?

(Princess Luna) #94

Im not sure who won the 1v1 or the 2v2 tournaments, I know me and I think Capone got 2nd in the ctf tournament and spookieboogie won the map making tournament.

Someone else can answer the ones I dont know.

What were the maps that got featured last?

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There wasn’t any 1v1s just 2v2 ctf it was supposed to be a 3v3 but some people didn’t show up and I don’t think anybody remembers so i’ll answer that (Me/Kills) thanks to that we both got that spankin black assassins.

I’ll say Dans?

(OOF) #96

What was one of the funniest xgenstudios april fools prank

(angery) #97

There was 2009(?) where if you logged on into lobby only, it client-side showed you as a mod.

Of course nothing worked for you, and it showed you as normal user when you talked in the lobby, but still - spinning M.

(OOF) #99

When was sa beta made in?

(angery) #100

Well when there’s only one good answer directly related to SA…

(that beardman thing was lowkey the best 4/1 XGen thing. it was SRPG2 related though.)

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Hmm 2004?

Who invented CTF?



Who was the biggest Nazi mod in stickman history?


No? K1ngp1n105 was the first player known for 5/5ing people.

And Focus account was “Ownageness” not “Owntageness” where you getting info from lol.


KP was also known to use aimbot.


Yea he did in old sa but was still known for his aim without it.

(SA Air) #106

@Magic I got them mixed up. It happens. That being said im sure I know more than you lol.


Just some answers to clarify:

Eedok created and distributed urinal.
First non-employee mods were me and Dragonboy362.
And what were the last featured maps? Honestly, there was 10 maps at the end. Rey is right, one of them was mine. Space Excavations. I forget who else got theirs featured.