Official SA Trivia thread

(RaS) #42

Cole is correct. It was Lite.

(asgfgh) #43

This is not trivia, it is subjective. And lite wasn’t even considered to be the best either, I’m sure a lot of people would agree that cutie and ava were better.

(RaS) #44

Lite is the correct answer. 2015-16 was when he dominated, no question. Cutie wasn’t very active at the moment, Ava wasn’t either.

(asgfgh) #45

That is your opinion. I disagree. That is not trivia.


Asgfgh is right, questions like “Who was the best pit player?” are subjective, there is no definite answer unless XGen decided or something. Not everyone would have the same answer for questions like those but still cool to see what players people would say/pick.

(RaS) #47

Okay. Who was the TENTH player to ever hop on Stick Arena?

Who was the first player to ever get a Stick Arena kill?

Who was the first player to buy a spinner?

Who was the last player to get a Stick Arena kill?

Who was the first player to get rank 7?

Who was the 88th player to play a match of Stick Arena?

These questions aren’t subjective. :slight_smile:

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getting back to topic

who was the first person to reach rank 14?


deadshot.x - gooeymonster?

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #51

Hmm who are those people though? I think Lite better than cutie/ava cause I won with him/played against him ava can’t touch that guy unless he has koolaid around then maybe.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #52

Hmm wasn’t it smirky?

what clan dominated in 07-08?

(Weary Of The World) #53

I did some digging with the wayback machine, both out of curiosity’s sake and because I was certain this was incorrect.

The Sept. 2007 listing had a very convenient back-to-back hit which showed the first recorded instance of rank 15 being recorded - which would have ended my search then and there if hackor1 didn’t jump a full 70K within the two wayback instances. But, since I guess the original question didn’t specify whether it had to be the first legit Rank 14 or the first Rank 14 regardless of methods used, I kept digging.
(as a sidenote: v3 was pretty popular back when I was first starting out, though I didn’t really know it at the time. One thing worth taking away from the search however, was that stat-boosting is truly an ageless obsession and practice, with the methods simply different with each passing time period. But, anywell.)

After October 07, Wayback cuts off a full calendar year, with the first entry for 2008 being cutoff and highly incomplete. The second one (October’s) shows more fully that hacked accounts had more or less overrun the board by then though - the top 11 being Rank 14 or…above. Way above.

December 2008 is the first month with Ballistick’s display - and with the board relatively cleaned up. Gooey was the lone Rank 13 after some pruning took out most (but not all) accounts that had been v3’d up. Meaning I dug further.

By 2009’s first Wayback entry (January), Gooey was still roughly 10K away from Rank 14, though by then joined by Killer.Jay in the 13 department (edit: @Lex - first post ITT). This holds up through to the next Wayback entry (Feb 10). By the end of the month, Miami54 and Nauj15 also had Rank 13 - the former getting 113.5K to Gooey’s then-119K, good for #2 at the time. From that point, Wayback Machine cuts off from there until July 20th, 2009.

…Meaning there’s a bit of a hole in history as far as that question is concerned. Granted, it still involves those 4 same users, but by then the order is far different - which I guess is a testament to how much urinal probably changed things. If and when the original forum’s archive is available, the true answer to the clean version of the question would probably be answerable, since Nauj already had Rank 15 by July, with Miami having dropped back down to #4 overall. (I also had Rank 10 by then, but I’m sure no one actually cares about that.)

The other sidenotes worth including here are that Smirky95 doesn’t appear anywhere until the March 4th 2010 entry on Wayback - and Rank 13 at that. Also in general, this was around the time period where alting and jitbit were things; but I’ll spare everyone from going down that tangent. I’ve typed enough already.

(☠) #54

the name i was looking for was Miami but tbh i’m not completely sure lol

(Weary Of The World) #55

Which was why I went searching as deep and thoroughly as I did, only to find the virtual dead-end I ended up at.

…So if anyone just happens to have a leaderboard screenshot (preferably timestamped) that can clear this one up until the forum archive gets dug out, that’d be great.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #56

This sounds accurate so… let’s go with that.

(asgfgh) #57

Do you know what the word “subjective” means? It means it is based on a person’s opinion. It is a fact that the shirt that I am wearing is black. It is my opinion that the shirt looks good.

(RaS) #58

Yes, i moved on from the question. It was my mistake, I know what you’re talking about. I have new questions that are facts, and aren’t subjective.

All of these questions only have one true answer. Not subjective. They aren’t based on people’s thought.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #59


Who was the biggest clan hopper in 2011-2012?

(Chris) #60

Wasnt it that little kid jake?
he followed around that octavio guy every clan he went to or said to go.

Which clan won the most wars? (OVERALL)

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #61

naw it was Noobishlol

hmm Div?

(OOF) #62

Who was the person to cause xgenstudios to make an anti bruteforce login?