Official Boxhead Bounty-Hunter Hacker/Scammer Thread

(Schall) #48

Without knowing what username they’ll pick next or the next IP they change to it would be impossible.

(Christopher.holmen) #49

im not saying that most BBH wanted players are hacker. buh i have a strong feeling that some mite be hacking also.just becuz bbh has restat alote of ppls are now leaveing an these old player are becomeing hacker just to get a quick win or a quick bunty point for a fresh start buh. all im saying We need a moddoer to be on most of the time if that doesnt happen BBH will die by hackers :confused:


I thought he was perma banned, I guess it was just a 1 week ban.


@Schallmeister I summon you to ban him.

(Schall) #52

Oh, right. I saw there was a video but I wasn’t home at the time.

I’m also not home now. I’ll get this when I get home at some point

(Schall) #53

Banned, thanks.

(OOF) #54

auto ban detection when a player moves .5 faster gets a week ban or something similar to that


(Schall) #56

Done, thanks.


(Schall) #58

Failstreams is also “”, “gg.lolx”, and “whatevvsss”. I went ahead and perma’d all of those. Thank you.


Damn, the kid seriously is a no life.

I assume Blissy is him too?

(Schall) #60

I’m afraid so. Banned, thanks.


B0x.stick is another hacker. Look at his stats.

(Schall) #62

Same person, banned.


I want to get all of his accounts banned because it pisses him off.

(Schall) #64

You know I can always arrange these types of requests.

But after I get home.


Same person.

(Schall) #66

That it is. Got him.

(tyler louis) #67 < money hacker and health hacking bbh