Official Boxhead Bounty-Hunter Hacker/Scammer Thread

(Timbo) #28

whattt seriously. first of all history has nothing to do with the video. So since people lag we’re getting banned now. Okay just watch n3rd play a game and watch the same thing happen

(Schall) #29

But when multiple people spot the same exact thing with the same person all at once, something is obviously up.

(CrAzyXLeGenD) #30

thanks but hes going to money hack all the time!

(Timbo) #31

That’s not the point it’s about what you see in the video Schall. I wasnt speeding nor was I health hacking no radius no nothing. I was going to offer to record a gameplay so you guys could see. how it looks on my screen, but it’s too late for that since i’ve been banned

(Schall) #32

I did see it. I watched the whole video 3-4 times.

It doesn’t make sense to me why multiple people could see the wrong thing at the same time. Though I’m mainly on SA, I hear things about you.

(Timbo) #33

Okay, it’s whatever. I cant change your descision but i’ll have to start recording my matches now so you can my viewpoint. Then maybe in the future you can see how things actually are in game then what it seems like.

How long is my ban?

(AngryNinny) #34

Hacker report #2. I don’t have a video, but hopefully the stats are good enough. Username Missingn00 currently has 27 kills, 0 deaths, and 624 bounty points. I haven’t recorded them hacking yet but if you look up the stats, you’ll see it. Hopefully this is enough proof, since if it’s not hacking proof it would at least count as farming (which is also against the rules).

(AngryNinny) #35

Magic.keyboard hacking. See below two videos and their respective descriptions for the times to skip to:


skip to 4:08-4:14


obvious radius hacks.

this wasn’t recorded by me, I watched the 2 videos and picked the parts where the radius looked very clear and obvious to see.

P.S BayKavora is timbo.

(AngryNinny) #37

Yes, you’re typically supposed to walk to the box and touch it for you to collect it. Some people hack their radius so it’s bigger, so they collect more boxes without having to walk to all of them.

(Schall) #38

Ok, that’s what I’m seeing. Just wanted to make sure.

Magic.Keyboard looks like they’ve changed their username so I’m not sure where the account went.

BayKavora is banned.

Thanks guys.

(AngryNinny) #39

Missingn00 hacking. Short video but it’s pretty clear


(Schall) #41

After deleting a post and my text a few times I’ll just ask.

@AngryNinny or anyone, is flatlining a thing on BBH? Without knowing if flatlining is a thing on BBH, I can’t say for sure this user was hacking, not with this little of a video. On SA we see this happen, where someone is standing there not taking damage from shots, but their MS is flatlined at 100 or something, meaning they won’t take damage because they’ve lagged out but hasn’t disconnected yet.

@Redmist Whatevvss is banned.

I watched both videos before deciding on whether or not to ban them and I got the ending of the videos mixed up. I was thinking Missingn00 left the game after it ended, but it was Whatevvsss that left the game after it ended. Both of them are banned as of now.



flatlining is a thing

(AngryNinny) #43

Yeah, flatlining is a thing.

I probably should’ve made it more clear that he had 12 kills, 0 deaths, and $600k which is why he was hacking. But it looks like you got that.

(Schall) #44

Yeah I saw the stats.

If it were me recording though, I would have followed up next round to give more proof, but I trust you enough.

(rektgg) #45

please ban this hacker , do not comment down below saying this is not the hacker thread , because i actually took my time to upload this so please ban him

Video Proof :

(Schall) #46

I appreciate that you took the time in recording the hacker and uploading it, but there is already a thread for reporting hackers. I moved your thread to the already existing one. There’s no need for multiple threads reporting hackers.

As for the hacker, I banned him. Thank you.

(Jairo) #47

why isnt there an option to machine ban a person, since “timbo” keep changing his ipadress to ruin our games