Official BBH Trivia Thread

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sorry, the answer I was looking for was wazz lol

Which wanted had nocticable farmed stats before the reset?

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Give 3 legacy wanted accs that were once owned by nooga.

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Sacred lol

BeezleBubbles, Nooga99, Rey280 i think

Name 3 of Angryninny alts?

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Name 3 of angryninny alts?


Name the first player to get wanted in 2015? (Don’t know how many know this)


shaneequa instead of murzhy

it’s likely to either be hackedvirus, zeta or xxxlegendxxx, oh yeah techsmart too. i might be wrong

drop a q

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How much xcash would you have to spend to have armor, shoes, radar, wallet, devil and all xcash weapon upgrades for 4 weeks.


Big math

finish the username Naruto______007

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Which BBH skin is feared the most because of its association with tryhardness?

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matter of opinion in my opinion, in my opinion aurora.light’s signature costume imo

how long did the ads between the games last?

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Yeah, there were multiple answers to my question. I was personally thinking about the Bind suit.

I think 12 or 13 seconds, but I’m not entirely sure.

What’s the highest amount of cash ever collected on hedge?


Hmmm prolly N3rds $602750 :confused:

Which player did each of these moderators ban first? (basically the first ban they made as they got their moderator status) xP


(If you could do every possible mod BBH has had that’d be amazing ;))

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wasn’t it 20 or 25 seconds?

I don’t understand how someone would know the answers to the mod question, but you forgot cole, ice and efk123 or whoever that guy was

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Honestly, you’re probably right about the ad times, shift.

As for Revv’s question:
The only one I know is that my first ban was on him ;p

Give 5 of Mucha’s alts

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Finish the username Q0x…

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Q0xbox (ty for answer in pm ;3)

Pa . . . . 77 (every dot resembles one character)


Payaso77 the goat


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ladyl cool

Ez shift check matchup thread

How many devil premiums does ninny have?

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Road_o_ a _ _ _

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what the ■■■■ I dont follow match-up thread


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