Official BBH Trivia Thread

(Luca) #113

Box.Gave.Me.Head was created before SOURLEMOn (I think, don’t @ me.)

I’m pretty sure Shift does, his screenshot is in the screenshot’s thread (Lol if Shift really does have the highest KD record in a game then I’m KaSHOOTING myself)

Name 3 of Wolf’s alts, not including the one’s he shares (For example, OBC)

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #114

Idk why, but I always believed that SOURLEMOn used to be Jettz61z. I might very well be wrong about that tho…

Someone else can answer this cause I only know 2.


lol box.gave was jetts account

Also I can only think of two, Obenbecity and Giraffetamer. Maybe you can make it 3 Chicken?

What playstyle did Cujoman09 use?

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #116

Thanks for filling this hole in my BBH knowledge.

For Wolf’s alts, I thought about Rouece and PatrickNotStar… So we have 4 now, yay!

Never heard of him so I’ll leave that to another person…


Oof yeah, probably too obscure for almost anyone here, but he was a non strafer.

New Question: Name 2 mods that banned the whole wanted list?

(Luca) #118

Nooga and I (THINK) Viper? Like I’m not tryna discredit viper or anything but he’s the only one I can think of from back then since I was there the day it happened.


Nooga went on Viper’s account to do it; another one would be SUP4RM4N.

Current best 3 dodgers?


ooo good question, in my opinion id say Nerd, Champ24j and me c:

Name 2 players from the southern hemisphere?

(Luca) #121

Well, I had no idea Supar was in on it too.

No idea how to answer Mucha’s question, I’ll do a follow up so a person that answer’s Muchalor’s question can also answer mine or leave it up to another person.

What’s another 5 of my alts? I’m being serious LOL

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #122

Southern Hemisphere question:
*Fvictorr (Brazil)
*Atrocity aka Glaiver aka WARFRAMER (Philippines)

5 of your alts:


Name 3 of my alts (and not the ones of which you came up with the name, Kinglsy ;p )


Hmm ;D

Kel279, TheDivinePoultry, ChickensTrollAccount., Milckyway, (can’t remember trap account -,-),

The 5 best/sexiest rare BBH usernames?

(Luca) #124
  • Sexcalibur (I mean you DID say sexy so)
  • Amrase
  • Seawolves
  • Or3os
  • OBC

I don’t have a question lol


okay Question!

What is B0B069’s signature phrase?

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #126

“I’m just a (friendly)* collector”

*: he only says “friendly” on some occasions.

Who has the best kdr on the legacy wanted list?



Name top five poachers of the all time.

  1. 801322
  2. drone
  3. drone
  4. drone
  5. everyone else

Question: Who ran the bbh records thread on the old forums?


It was Deamon/BySync, then I later took over that thread when he was inactive.

What was holywill primarily known for?


lol, thinking he was good with his 2kd even tho he played with every prem and in rubix.

What did Nitrow do to all of his boxhead videos that was unusual?

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #132

He always put his own name in the name of the vid, speaking about himself in 3rd person…

Who had the highest amount of games on the legacy list?


I think it was Zzzv with like 13k rounds or something, Negro had a lot also but idk

Hehe that is weird but i was looking for how he would always add color filters and make it so everything was purple or something.

who was the most corrupt/untrustworthy wanted on the list in 2012? Hint, username starts with pai