Official BBH Trivia Thread


My man Johan use to wall hug autorun all day on maze wanted games, I remember he use to do that stankman jab but with autorun, never figured how he use to though lol

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Chubear as well

dhcj didn’t popularise anything. and the idea of dhcj’s playing style was to rush at things as much as possible because his lag gave him an extra second to collect money and shoot others after “dying”. of course he camped too, but everyone does that to certain extent.

Speaking of which, what was jvidana’s nickname in boxhead?

someone going to answer my question?

also, as always, none of redmist’s questions or answers are making any sense


13 weapons+Mortar and turret, my apologizes, I thought the mortar and turret were “equipment” before I got informed by N3rd that they are actually weapons.

Drop a question

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Still wrong, what I asked was how many in a (one, single) game - you can’t buy both ak and m16 or both magnum and railgun, therefore the correct answer is 10. But for the weapon bank one it’s 15. Kind of a trick question, I guess?

also, what was jvidana’s nickname in boxhead?

so two questions.

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Hmm🤔? I want n pretty sure I can be at least 5 of u on dea I’m OnMyWay jerrmod jerrmod xxjerrmod bol n other players not gonna tell us da rest but why not say jamesbryant1996😊


Name a wanted who had more deaths than kills.



Name 5 players who dominated 2010

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amrase zachthewolf jvidana opii garrituh

who has won the grand prize (being most wanted at the end of the season) the most times?