Official BBH Trivia Thread


He who must not be named.

What was Elmago famous for?

(Sacred) #45

flamethrower and magnum and me stealing his account

who was the first mod to mass ban people

(Jairo) #46


What wanted took 2 minutes to win a wanted game?



Name the wanted who has his birthday as his username.



What was BBH’s release date?


November 7, 2008 I think

Name 5 of my alts that were made during 2014-2017

Edit: November 7, 2009

(Sacred) #50

My god 5 alts? No one pays attention to you that much

ill name one, the one i caught you hacking on

who came up with YSK FAT STUPID


I’ll name what I know. IcedXix, Rainell, SilvyXX, Metallicrystal.

To sacred’s q, it was Zeta.

Drop a q

(Sacred) #52

Name the 2 wanted accounts that I am responsible for name changing



Name the least used weapon

(Sacred) #54

Grenade launcher

which idiot was behind the cijag accounts


Has to be goldengod.

Who was LizardSquad?


That wasn’t me on IcedXiX that was Golden. Red I was trying to figure out what I changed Invincibility. to for like a week, it was Rainell.

Lizard was Six.

What was PWNEDKevin’s name before it got name changed?


If it’s not KevinRises. I’m quitting boxhead bounty hunter

What’s the most viewed boxhead video on youtube? and by who?

(Played BBH and Sucked Dick at it, like me) #58

The Boxhead Bounty Hunter By TheQuarryBoy

thats when bbh got released

What’s the Highest Kills in Hedge Maze


Stankgry101 (Adnawun) 181 kills.

Name 5 accounts timbo has scammed.



How many wins do the top 9 have combined?


As of right now the total wins are 828, and just to put it out there I make up 39% of the wins, and the 2nd most wins (Champ24j) makes about 14% of those wins.

Who has the most deaths on the list?


Boxerella (20k+) deaths.

Who has the most rounds played?



Who has the least amount of rounds in the top 10