Official BBH Trivia Thread

(Jairo) #21

I believe nobody remembers the kid record of temple, lets try a new question.

Which poacher has the most wins of the wanted list?

(tyler louis) #23

i should of been on that list :confused:

(Ddmasterkiller) #24


who was the first to person to start money hacking

(Sacred) #25


Also the temple kd record is 58 by moi on Despise

Name 2 players that got exposed for hacking in the records thread


RedMist and AngryHando (or something like that).

How many pistol shots does it take to kill a player?


Name 2 of sacreds accounts (without mentioning SacredSong, SacredHoshi and Crossbow)


M14 and Despise.

Name 2 of AngryNinny’s alts.


Sheneequa and AngryNegro

Name 3 of Kevin’s alts.

(Jairo) #30

PWNEDKevin, TheHypeee and Goldie

Who was the first person that originally started “Poaching”?

(AngryNinny) #31

Viper has AngryNegro, not me

The first no-kills account was Demigod6667 on .TaxCollector.

Who is KEFFLE?

(Jairo) #32


Around how many bpoints did AngryNegro have when he got wanted?

(AngryNinny) #33

I can’t remember if it was about 21,500 or 23,500 but it was one of those.

Why did ,.3p1c,.k1ll., quit?


Needed to lose virginity.
Who is Ethan from Rochester New York?

(Ddmasterkiller) #35


First player to use the autorun, 180 turn, and SHIFT in a combination


Since nobody answered that i’m going to guess Shift or Kevin.

Name the first player to hit the 500K bps mark.



How much health does a barrel have?

(Jairo) #40


How many bountypoints has top 9 combined right now?

(Ddmasterkiller) #41

as of right right now 609,056

The person that rightfully owned 3 wanted account


ByuRenegade, UltimateMakabre and Osphor.

What is the cheapest premium?



whos terminix the camper