New Forum Categories

(Schallmeister) #1

Hey guys,

You might be seeing some threads being bumped up with no posts.

I’m fixing the threads up a bit. You will now find these two new categories:

  • Irrelevance

  • Forum games

Please use them respectively! Any questions about them, feel free to shoot me a message.

(Schallmeister) #3

Added two more categories:

  • The Debate Club
  • Introductions

(Schallmeister) #4

Added another two:

  • Gamer’s Lair
  • Sports Center

For those who are wondering, the lock beside the categories mean that not everyone can see it. Mainly trust level 0 users.

Introductions and The Debate Club have been moved into the Irrelevance category.

Any suggestions on a new category, let me know! I’ll see about adding it in.

(Schallmeister) #5

Added Memory Lane:

(Schallmeister) #6

Added XGen International Airport:

(Schallmeister) split this topic #7

3 posts were merged into an existing topic: Forums related topics

(Schallmeister) #8

Just made a Music sub-category under Irrelevance.

(Schallmeister) #10

Added “Computer Tech” under Irrelevance.

Also, I reorganized the categories to have it make a little more sense.