Need help for ban appeal

(Arya) #1

I know there is already a thread for ban appeal but for some reason I cannot message any user directly. Can someone explain to me the proper way to post an appeal for a banned account?


(Luis) #2

Did Cole’s post help?

(Arya) #3

Okay I followed that video like four times and it didn’t work but now it’s working… Thanks

(JMez) #4

I faintly remember reading that new members had some restrictions for the first two days. This could possibly be one of those, not sure why it would be, but it could be.

(RaS) #5

Also having problems with mine , but the problems are from the mods haha … Not sure if they talk about it in their mod chat , but been about a week now, not getting any other replys then. Not even from david, and he has already gotten on yesterday…

(Merk) #6

Same with me


Typically discussions do happen in the mod-chat, however, it may take a few days to come to a conclusion on an decision of your appeal.

Unbans usually take no later than 1-3 days when sent to David, but they can take longer sometimes. Sorry for your troubles.


ayyy my acc got banned for no reason idk who banned me

(Metrø ßoomin) #9

I sent in my appeal on i believe July 3rd, I still don’t know if my account will be unbanned or not. The 1-3 day window is far off.


Have the mods accepted your appeal? If they have they should reply with: “Your appeal has been accepted, etc,.,.”


You can private message a moderator about your issue.


I message Luis and Kendry and they have no idea why I got a random ban


Last post.


why the heck is it a permanent ban


Because you have accumulated more than 10 days worth of bans.

(Luis) #23

Arya’s original question on appealing an account was answered within ten minutes. Closing this topic as it has veered off topic.

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