NBA finals

Raptors will obtain their first ring if no players are injured but they gotta beat warriors… Warriors obviously the hardest team to get pass in the west with a 5 all star line up. Just posted here

Who do you guys think will be coming out the eastern conference for finals?

  • Toronto Raptors
  • Boston Celtics

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out of the WESTERN conference? Warriors.

lol ofc it’s no doubt since boogie came back on the line up.

Now that the typo’s been corrected… Out of the eastern conference it’s tough. I think both teams have a decent chance of making the finals, but I give the edge to the Raptors. There’s rumors now that Kyrie wants to leave Boston to reunite with Lebron in LA. This obviously won’t happen this season, but it could still be enough to hurt the locker room. Teams have fallen apart over much less than this. Only time will tell…

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Excuse me, why aren’t the Bucks an option? The Bucks just won their season series against the Raptors 3-1, and they are 1-1 so far against the Celtics. And they’re the 1 seed in the East right now. They have the Greek Freak, awesome physical lineup, and Mike Bud coaching.

Kyle Lowry always underperforms in the playoffs. He tries hard in the regular season and runs out of gas in the playoffs.

Bucks Finals.

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This comment sounds like its comin from a raptors fan lol. Mke hasnt lost two games inna row all season. All im gonna say is the raptors got whats coming to them in the playoffs :100: bucks in 6

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Not to mention the raptors get clapped everytime we play them :joy::joy:

My bad guys I should’ve added two more options Milwaukee bucks, and 76ers.
EDIT: Here is new link: NBA Finals Vote