Name your teams


I’m curious about the sports preferences of my fellow XGen people.

Me: Saints, LSU, wherever LeBron James plays (Lakers RN)

(Vitali) #2

NFL: Ravens
NBA: Heat


NFL: Lions, but since every Lions fan has another team they root for on the side, I also root for the Colts.
NBA: Pistons
NHL: Red Wings
MLB: Tigers
College sports: Michigan Wolverines


(Vitali) #4

So I assume youre from Michigan. Way to represent. Only thing is, MSU is better than Michigan…


Yeah IDK about that. :joy:

(Danny) #6

Golf: Tiger Woods


NBA: Lakers (not because of Lebron James) I am been a loyal Lakers fan since 2006. if Lakers isn’t in playoffs, Thunder got my word.
MLB: Dodgers, Angels, and Giants
NFL: none