Microsoft switching to a Chromium browser and the future of gaming on Adobe Flash based video games


I heard news that Microsoft will be switching to a Chromium based browser. I heard the news not to long ago, and thought of making a post here asking XGen what the future of Adobe flash based video games, including Stick Arena, and others. I delayed making a post about it for a bit, but now I think I will ask them.

I do not know whether Microsoft switching to a Chromium based browser will lead to abandoning Adobe Flash faster than the plan was to before. Before Microsoft and other’s plan was to eliminate the use of Adobe Flash some time in the year 2020. I did not know if that implied the beginning, or ending, of that year.

I heard that Chrome enables you to run flash based programs once you enable them per web page. However, I do not know if Microsoft switching to a Chromium based browser will make all of them decide to remove support for Adobe Flash faster. Given that browsers such as Chrome and Edge already ask you to enable Adobe Flash every time you use it, it already implies that they really already wish to remove support for Adobe Flash. They look like they already wish that Adobe Flash lost it’s support already, but they need to phase it out slowly. Firefox, and I’m sure a bunch of other browsers too, already have Adobe Flash disabled.

Before this news, there already was talk of video games made by XGen needing to switch from Flash to another format. Now that Flash may be unsupported earlier, I wonder what the future of video games made by XGen will be.


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As for the rest: Who even uses a Microsoft browser?


I know that they are aware of the 2020 event of the end of Flash. This may end up having the end of Flash be much sooner than 2020. It might even mean the end of Flash in H1 2019. It might even mean the end of Flash in Q1 2019.

I predict people will be using Microsoft browsers after this. We’ll see though.

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I think the “things in the works” they mentioned was SA coming to Steam. This bypassed the browser, and the Steam version of SA will be playable indefinitely past 2020 or whenever Flash dies. XGen’s other popular Flash game is BBH; hopefully that will also be ported to Steam. They stopped developing their single-player games in Flash a long time ago, and they are also porting some of their older games to Mobile, which has really taken the place of what Flash used to be in terms of gaming. So I don’t really see a crisis here, unless Flash dies before XGen can port BBH to Steam…


They can just end up just having the ““Play Now”” button send you to the Steam webpage then. I did not think of that Steam enables you to not need a browser to access Stick Arena. Hopefully they will set up their web page to get you there easily.

Some people are hoping Flash dies way before that time.

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