Meeting an SA player IRL


Id want to honestly see a full lobby of throwback players from Stick Arena and obviously most of the moderators from now and wbw :stuck_out_tongue:

(Shane) #32

Grab some drinks with the Mod team.


I met some girl off sa before…


we did that already, didn’t get your invite?

(asgfgh) #35

Who were the people in this vid?


At the end of the video on XGen credits are shown.


they didn’t mention the girls… guess girls don’t actually matter!

(asgfgh) #39

No one even knows who those people are. Are they sa players? What’s the sa usernames? I doubt they are low budget paid actors.

(Shane) #40

I would love to grab a bite to eat or get some drinks with the all Pitters/Urinalers.

(Weary Of The World) #41

$5 says one of them tries to shank you on a urinal stall. ;^(


with my last words i’d say…y r u on a hackpack noob switchblade hax

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #44

Going up to a guy and say ‘‘You want to 1v1 me? you suck’’ as the guy is about to punch you YOU YELL ‘‘NFK DUDE? WTF AUTOWIN FOR ME’’