Making Stick Arena Active Again

(Ice) #48

Probably have tournaments every now and then with some decent prizes, not like 3,000 credits and 5 day lab-pass for first place, but more bigger. Plus makes it more fun in my own opinion since people who play urinal mostly win the season by urinal-ing, i mean we can do it too but it’s not fun after a while, but a majority of the people who usually play games like Xgen Hq and regular maps. Maybe have a tournament once a month or something, but with more bigger prize should attract more people, possibly, or maybe help with the season. Random opinion lulz


Yah i agree more tourneys and map making competitions would make stick arena og again but i dont know if mods are able to rn or want to setup other ones. It could really help bring competitive interest, especially to some new players and something to work for.
I have looked at the recent featured maps list and it has been sorted out to have the best featured maps but id like a few or prob another 10 to be added to spice up the rotation for lp featured maps. Obviously at this point there are not going to be anymore admin made maps so why not add a few more from players and map makers to the list for the last time.
The prizes that were added for the season aren’t that bad, at least they listened to our suggestion. For the time being (season) they will be keeping urinal but possibly next season i could change to designated maps and no urinal.
Play days more regularly also will help to have players want to come in-game and interact with each other/mods and incentivised games.
Also mentioned before, putting Stickarena on steam would not only help preserve stickarena goat game but it would help alittle about getting new traffic on a super highly populated computer “app”.

(Lexus(17)) #50

Honestly i don’t expect miracles. It’s rather impossible “Making Stick Arena Active Again”, however i have no doubt will bring better times. At least i believe it. Over 50 active players in a week isn’t something what we can’t achieve. What we can do to change current situation?
Some things you can’t hide many people stop playing Stick Arena, because of reset stats. For me it was good idea, but taking into account numbers of players you can’t tell it’s succes. As each of us knows there are 3 types of SA players : a) “tournament players” b) “leaderboard players” c) “maps creators” I think prizes should be smillar for everyone. It would be nice to make tournaments and map making events more official. I don’t know it’s possible, but might be it’s worth to try introduce list like" seasonal leaderdoard" to 2 other types players. It can be good idea if competitve seasons consist of 3 parts. Im all for playdays 3 times in 1 year.
I think most players could be agree with at least 1 tournament and map making event in each season.
I have to admit prizes for cometitive season 4 are great for top 5 players, and reduce leaderbord to top 50 is nice idea, because in this way it’s hard to enter on the list more than 1 acccount. Well, personally i think it isn’t worth to save for lab pass. I was talking with lots SA players, and most of them really was count on fews days lab pass. Cred is good thing like a prize, but it’s lost worthy without lab pass. Unfortunately many people lost the joy of getting kills/ ranks. I don’t blame them, because when ranks are reset every month it’s not point for most players. If just leaderboard was resetting wihtout ranks it would be something else and im pretty sure many people can be come back to us. It could be exclusive goal like old SA days. Urinal maps have a long SA tradition, and i think it should be still allowed. Alternatively can be considered 4 ties like smallest allowed map. Still lots people like this map, and if it was outlaw again, don’t know it could be good for SA.

(circa 2005, 2018) #51

Increasing player activity will always be difficult as long as Stick Arena is still an Adobe Flash based game. Adobe is only going to maintain Flash for a few more years.

At this point the number of lobbies should be reduced to just a few. I also wish the Quick Start games would appear in lobbies like in the past. It just needs to be easier to find the remaining players.

(MindEracer) #52

I like the new leader board idea. There should be two, one for seasons and another for all time. There should be people who monitor games though to prevent the alters from taking over and ruining the game. With automatic subtractions with warnings, with to big of a daily increase to a stat reset altogether.

(Schallmeister) #53

We like to keep an eye on the leaderboard for such users. It’s typically a reset on their stats first offense if they’re caught alting. And even if no mods are on, we have eyes to cover us. I feel like we do a decent job on watching for that.

(Metrø ßoomin) #54

I remember when I made this lmao. I coulda been the tupac of stick arena had you guys listened

(Shad0ws / Jon) #55

The whole “color restricted spinners used as prizes” thing has definitely got me active. Especially the fact that people can win their own spinners if they’re used.

(Luke) #56

Labpass Weekend - Game is dead and lab pass maps aren’t even that fun except for alt killing, but iirc you can get reset for that.

By eliminating the color hack rule, you mean when a Mod sees it, they do not ban on sight? And by them “losing their account” you mean by getting keylogged or something because essentially they’re typing their info onto someone else’s client?

In-Game clan system would be dope though, but there’s hardly any active players.

(Schallmeister) #57

I personally give warnings first before I ban, though most everyone knows by now the rule so they don’t really need a reminder. Yeah, they feared said clients would be logging your information, maybe even more than that. It was an easy way to snatch an account.

(not stickdude) #58

Stick arena had a good run :sunglasses:


(Metrø ßoomin) #59

If a player loses their account it their fault for tryna get the spinner. Lmao let them punish themselves :joy:

but this post is obviously going on a year old so i mean theres no point in anything on this


Are there any active clans anymore? If so what are the websites, I’d love to take a visit sometime for nostalgic sake.

Targex Tournaments & Active clan wars were the saving grace of SA during the last few months I was personally playing!


Hopefully when SA is released on Steam we can gain enough players to make clans a thing again.

We can hope…

(Metrø ßoomin) #64

What do you mean “when”? Is it confirmed to be ported or ??

(Lizbona) #65

Look at steam.


Or just this…

(MindEracer) #67

This whole website can use some serious marketing. It has huge potential. What needs to happen now after such a huge decision to reset accounts, is to offer paid for features for free. For stick arena, give everybody full access for 6-months and advertise as much as your allowed. Be sure it is known that it is only for promotional reasons. Maybe it will help the game become active again. A one or two block bigger fulls-screen would have been better. The widescreen ruins the angles and is lagy for most. Take this advice and I’m sure it will help. This game was awesome. Just have people monitor alters. I’m more than willing to do that on my spare time. Which is hardly ever now a days. I admit that i do download trainers to know what people are using, but I do not sign in to test them. I have seen quite a few folks from previous version that shouldn’t h ave been using hacks using them.