Make a top ten again best bbh


thank you 2k, I appreciated this post


Thanks for putting me on your list

(EvilDrone) #46

My list isn’t accurate obviously, just an opinion, but the top 10 best players so far who I’ve nominated that are still playing is…
Not in order

  1. Brunello
  2. Wazz
  3. XShiftX
  4. Champ24j
  5. AngryNinny
  6. Asasinul83
  7. B44b (active somewhat)
  8. Muchalor
  9. Boxerella (Haven’t been active recently still counts)
  10. Me (Haters incoming)

I just want to address something before I receive massive hate from my haters who are very skeptical and thinks I don’t know what I’m talking about. I know I didn’t mention some of the oldgen players and some of the most gifted talented ones that can top some of the players I’ve mentioned but those of you who know who you are, knows exactly where im going with this… You guys havent been active and its understandable, it has nothing to deal with me and same goes with anyone else, you all have lives (same goes with us, lol), exams busy etc. These players are LITERALLY the only ones that login often and win most of the time. When these 10 individuals are all in the same game with 6 other active wanteds or nons, one of them are more likely going to win and its a fact even if you just came back and your up against one of them who still play often, they are more likely going to beat you. I have major respect for those who I didnt mention and I hope you all understand this. Those of you who have beated me, those of you who know how confident and good you are, I hope this wasnt misunderstood and I dont mean to offend any of you. Sorry if this was long lol


Sir Banana

excluding ole timers I never really played against