Isnt xgen ashamed

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I just got an email saying stick arena is getting released on steam… y’all are really gonna drop a 10 yrs old flash game on steam. Y’all a disgrace.

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Lol, Hi Retry! Been a long time :stuck_out_tongue:

And I highly doubt the Flash version of SA is what’s getting released… Since Flash won’t be supported after 2020, there’s absolutely no point in XGen to release flash games anymore period.

I am under the impression that the version of SA that’s coming to Steam is in a different engine, so as to avoid the problems with Flash moving forward. If it is still in flash, then yeah, it’s a problem…

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yo! Long time no see & talk.
But yeah I highly doubt they rewrote it, otherwise they would’ve advertised the performance improvement.

Trust me I know what they COULD’VE done but it’s probably just mostly bad devs that can’t do a lot. So they do easy trash things like dis.

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If it has the same performance, but written in literally any engine other than Flash, it will suffice.

I do hope it is more than a simple port of the flash game, including things like 2v2 and clan mode. But the bare minimum will still suffice: SA survived for 13 years based solely on community support. 2018 has honestly been the best year ever for community interaction on this game; just look at all the events and prizes. It would be completely foolish of XGen to just put the Flash version on Steam so it can gain a few players and then die in 2 years when Flash is no longer supported.

I’d like to hear from @Kaelyn on the differences between the Steam version of SA and the Flash version…

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i agree hope it’s rewritten then, if not then I’m genuinely insulted by this company lol.

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You can’t possibly be expecting a serious reply with this type of distasteful thread lol

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I usually wouldn’t respond to this kind of thread, but I do think it would be a good time to clarify some things that I do not know are entirely clear to the community.

XGen is a small dev team (currently myself doing business/operations & 3 programmers 2 of which are part time) that has managed to survive as an indie developer and publisher for over 17 years. Those that know the game industry realise this alone is a HUGE accomplishment. We have also survived facing hardship that hopefully no other team ever has to face or deal with, which is the passing of Skye Boyes, our Founder who was an incredible businessman, programmer and very talented Game Designer. I’m Skye’s wife, and I have no background in video games or programming (I have a sociology degree), but because of the incredible team, XGen has, great fans that send us POSITIVE encouragement this October we will have kept the company operating three years without Skye.

We will be porting the flash version of this game to steam as we would like to show our fans we listen to their requests and value their input. We do realize re-building the game in another engine is a way better decision but we, unfortunately, have insufficient resources so this is the what we could achieve with what we have.

So to answer your question, no XGen isn’t ashamed. We are still making games today, and you’re again coming to our discourse forums, so it seems like even those critical fans care.

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Thank you for explaining this. I work in a small dev team every day so I fully understand how it is. Sorry for being overly harsh in my judgement.

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What a jerk!

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