If You "Idolized" Another Player, Who/Is It?

(Matt Randolph) #44

I played with monsters in my day. I always liked Bhara, Ace, Sharpryno, Medina, Memory, KP105, Trapi and tons more. One guy I thought never got the recognition he deserved was D3tox.killer (leader of D3tox)

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #45

Damn! you sound like 07. are you oz?

(Shane) #46

I didn’t idolize anyone, I just wanted to play and talk to as many people as possible. I still remember that toad “jacob.again” just sitting pretty at the top of the leaderboard back in the day.

(Andrey Dlcrz) #47



(dalton) #48

I remember around when I first was playing the game, medina92 was top of the leaderboards. I was star struck when I was good enough to finally play against him. We ended up becoming close too, it was a good time.

(o3always) #49

never idolized but i learned so much from h1 and lizbona


I’d have to say Dreamer, Tigerx102 and .1. , I always enjoyed players who excel in Free for all. It takes great timing to always be in the right spot to steal kills and knowing what spots to be in when you were low on health. Tiger would go 15-2 consistently in a game full of vultures.

(icykiller2) #52

Definitely Henetys and Deathpre. Henetys was a good friend of mine back in the good ol urinal days, and Deathpre was just a badass.

(Lexus(17)) #53

Thank you for all beautiful words about Henetys’.
I look up to him like a person and like a player.
Never will forget about him.

(Metrø ßoomin) #54

Henetys was cool until he started hanging around headbaby. After that he was a complete ass


I had the same exact thought about smoke as the rest of the former smokers. I would say the only ones I “idolized” at a time were the 4 original leaders of IOA. I was used to being the guy people looked up to mostly.

(Matt) #56

.1. … at least before Natas bought the account

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #57

The legend, the meth, the butthole! Gray (Lol I’m kidding about the butt part)

Awesome to see Legends like you stop by and say hi.

(Hell's Dragon AKA Unholy Torture Machine) #58

To be honest:
At first I idolize lexus. I met him last September. He reminded and teached me many important things, introduced me to other players, and encouraged me to stay longer when I returned to game after years.

What’s funny: We talked for hours in english before he asked me where am I from… xd

(Sebastian) #59

I idolized every moderator because of that silver M

(Jake) #60

I played with a guy named pimpin who I always liked.

Also cptbuger13, goog clan, nados (my first clan), and pretty much anyone who used to play on compat back in the day. :slight_smile:

Good times.

(Nick) #61

Lex, hmk, and rhodon for their creativity, maturity, thoughtfulness, and senses of humor. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would not have come as far as I have without their friendship and support.