I was not ban evading

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so… when i wait for my acc to be unbanned and log into it is still ban evasion? weird.

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Schall help me out why was scadra banned.

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Since you’re making a scene, here we go.

You were caught alting and was repeatedly told by the other mods you can and will get reset for alting. You did not listen and you continued so you were reset.

You were perma’d for suicide hacking December 8 and have been banned multiple times for ban evading. A perma ban has a 2-week IP ban, so getting on a VPN and getting back on before the 2-week IP ban is up is ban evading. Each time you’re banned it resets your 2-week ban.

I hope this answers your question.

Please stop making topics and private message a moderator next time.

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