I hope Lab Passes will be buyable via Steam funds

(Kincaid) #1

I know the Steam release is just gonna be a straight port, but this method of purchase would really make Lab Passes a lot more accessible and easy to acquire. Hopefully it comes around eventually, if most likely not upon release.

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #2

This should definitely happen, if it isn’t already.

@Kaelyn and/or @David please answer this question: Will Lab Passes be buyable with Steam funds? And if we bought Stick RPG 2 on Steam, can we finally get a blue head on our account?

(JS, circa 2005) #3

At this point the price for Lab Pass should be reduced as well or at least put on sale occasionally.

Lab Pass has far less value then PlayStation Plus or even Xbox Live Gold. But, the prices for the 12-month memberships are nearly the same for all three.

PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Membership

Xbox Live Gold - 12 Month Membership

(SA Air) #4

Its $5 a month lmao why should they get any sort of discount? Its not like its $10/mo like plus & gold…

(Ajay) #5

He’s comparing them in terms of price per year. PS Plus, Xbox Live, and LP are all $60 per year.

(SA Air) #6

Ok then dont buy a labpass lol?


I don’t have a problem with this and think it’s a good idea. However, If this option becomes available on steam, I do think the price should be reduced because the minimum fund level that can be added to a steam wallet is $5 (mo. LP is $5.95 usd).

Honestly, I don’t have a big issue with the price since I only buy LP days intermittently
but I would like to see more credit handed out with purchases. 1000 bonus credits isn’t very much at all considering the cheapest LP spinners are very close to 1000 credit. A lot of players, especially the new ones, have hardly any credits saved up. So they’re only able to purchase 1-2 of the cheaper LP spinners… I think handing out 5-6 k cred is more reasonable and will allow players to pick from the majority of LP spinners offered.

I mean, you could try changing the price of LP spinners to make them more affordable too (why 24k credit for an assassin spinner??) Buying the first few map slots with 1k cred is doable, along with the first 1-2 pets. This isn’t quite the same with the LP spinners, though. I just think 1k cred for a monthly lab pass at almost $6 is hardly anything…

(Kincaid) #8


Thank you so much XGen!