How to change your username


Hi guys, I was wondering how you can currently change your username? I haven’t played xgen games for a while, and my in game username meets the requirements, so I wanted to know how to change my username since Blast rage does not work

EDIT: requirements for changing ur username is having characters other than letters or numbers or being over 16 characters


Your account needs to be verified also.


thank you very much cole

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buh Cole how do i use this i still dont understand it,. can u show us a pic how to change names on that set


To change your username it must; have at least 16 characters or contain a period, comma or underscore and must be email verified. Click here then change the following:

Now press enter, if you did everything correctly it should work.

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NATKINGCOLE, how is you doin?


I was trying to verify one of my accounts on Blast Rage but I couldn’t get past the loading screen. Is it just me or is this supposed to happen? How can I verify an account?

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do you play stick arena?

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