Global stats reset on stickarena

(SA Air) #73

Raspy what you said just made zero sense. Lmao there is a lot more legit players than alters young one. Learn it please.

(Lexus.) #74

It depends on what means for you legit kills. I don’t know when you played SA, but there are at least several hundred players who did more than 20k kills “not even urinals”. If you meant 200k agree with you they are one of fews players who did legit more than 200k.

(Chris) #75

Ive been playing SA since 2007. Legit kills as in playing a match where EVERYONE in the game is lone wolfing and getting kills. Example an FFA on Xgen HQ, or FFA pit.■■■■ even 2v2 pubs like those are legit kills. Not urinal, mazes, or a loner alting for hours by himself. Like i said before everyone knew who alted and who didnt and knew about urinals and what not, it shouldve been stopped way earlier on than waiting til now to reset everyone if that was the case. Thats all i was saying.

(Nicholas) #76
  • 7 – Michal2
  • 30 – krzychu1800
  • 31 – Firestone
  • 50 – suggest
  • 65 – commandercapone
  • 88 – MortalTactics

(angery) #80
  • Search around upwards of 20 minutes for a lobby that isn’t HQ or Pit on repeat
  • Either get votekicked immediately, or at any point in the roughly 4 minutes of game-time - especially if winning, or close to it
    – If not votekicked, then deal with either being tunneled, being the target of insults, and/or end with comically low killcount or k/d
  • Either get tilted, get even, or get bored
    – Afterwards, either return to square one or log out

This has roughly been my playing experience for at least over a year now.

(RaS) #81

You’re not the only one that has experience that. I don’t necessary kick someone if you do not free kill. Other than that, i am with you on that one.

(Nicholas) #82


(SA Air) #83

Its kinda goofy that they gonna reset the leader boards in 3 months lmao. And kids like codfish and nico are grinding for no reason technically. Lmao I’d rather pay 20 dollars than continue to participate in a wasteful grind.

(angery) #84

You say that, and while technically true, the prize pool for top 5 is still enough incentive to some, apparently. That and if we’re just going to let nico get first each season, and each season is only two months apiece, then he’d actually be gaining more LP than what would elapse.

…As for myself, there’s one account I need the last map slot on, and another I want extra spinners for show and tell, I guess.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #89

sounds gud.

(Lexus.) #90

I don’t need any reason getting new kills/rank and climb up to leaderboard it was always a pleasure for me. I don’t have to change it. For me it’s important part of this game and i don’t hide it. I remember these days when people looked up to players who worked for their own kills. Nowadays people are laugh with players who try play in this way. I fully understand playing “2v2” “1v1” and participate in tournaments it’s something, what many people wants still to play, but it can’t be just one option.

(Lexus.) #91

In my opinion lab pass is most worthy prize. I have nothing against new spinners and personaly think it could be good alternative for new competive season, however just when you used lab pass and play vip maps you share enjoy with other people. That’s why lab pass isn’t prize without a reason. New spinners and creds bring benefits just for 1 player. Lab pass is like engine for SA. It helps to keep this game alive. For many people it’s a chance for won something first time in game. Instead on “|et get each season” you should play, because it our activity create a game. You always be one of my role model like a player and I hope to see you more play stick arena. I know it’s harder than in our childhood, but still possible.

(ℳʀ. Ƭσαd) #95

5 Player Perspectives on this “stat reset”:

  1. “OMGWTFBBQ!! MY RANK 42069 IS GONE!!”
  2. “Great update, I love XGen, this is fine. -insert dog sitting in burning house meme-”
  3. “Are my spinners/creds still there? Am I going to get reset again? Dont reset me bro”
  4. “XGen actually did something? Golly, gee wiz”
  5. “They see me grinding, they hating, resetting and trying to ruining my e-life”

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #96

ROFL, bruh the 1st was me.

(Lizbona) #97

We are reaching cringe levels that shouldn’t be possible, u toad.


Its for the better! Even tho i am sad to see some of the top ranks go, even my own; most of those people do not play alot if at all anymore so it was a practical move and probably a well thought out move considering Xgenstudios at the time and the size diminishing of SA community as a whole.

This can only be looked at as a step in the right direction to maybe get players to compete. There are many positives to this and few negatives, all i can say is that i hope the Stick Arena community thrives off of this and doesn’t die off of this. This could be an opportunity

Thank you to all of the Xgen Community and its Mods and God Bless.


Cool update, gives active + new players more reason to stay active. Lost my rank 12 it took 5 years to get but it’s all good.

(ℳʀ. Ƭσαd) #103