Global stats reset on stickarena

(Schallmeister) #46

People couldn’t stop fooling around on the old forums by taking peoples’ accounts and spamming the forums with them.

For the stats reset for SA, I have a couple of thoughts. But, I better keep that to myself before I start something.

If people would leave XGen alone with this kind of stuff, I believe we wouldn’t have had to change some of these recent things.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #47

I just logged in and I see rank 0… I worked pretty hard for that rank 14 but like this dude said it’s ‘‘Time wasted’’.

(asgfgh) #49

To each their own, but idc about rank. Sure that rank 15 looks good for a while, but it gets old.

(Metrø ßoomin) #50

I mean I don’t understand why we don’t have our ranks? Just because the little kiddie box head community needed a reset, that doesn’t mean stick arena needed one. Lmao it’s really depressing on how XGen couldn’t even ask STICK ARENAS Community about a reset. No warning at all, just snap their fingers and years of work is vanished. I was hyped when I first saw this reset because I thought maybe some people would stick around. But nope… Instead some players quit because of this. (which is Highly understandable) I just hope they at least backed up the data with our ranks and stats.


More like years

(Lexus(17)) #58

I agree with you xgen should to ask SA players about it, however look at the truth they try to save this game in this way. So, we must respect this decision. Nowadays old ranks are just past. We will keep in memory and that’s most important. Playing on high rank is cool thing, but most joy of the game is moment, when you achieve a rank(even little ranks). Open your mind for new challenge. When you will get new rank now it can mean more than in the past. Now all players are equal, and no one has the right to be arrogant, because of high ranks. There’s new rules are for all people who still play this game. We should be lucky that xgen gave us credit. It’s worth to mention a “past”, but you can’t live a “past”.

(Chris) #59

Its not even about living in the know how hard it was to grind to get to rank 10? Hell even rank 9? like you wont see anyone get that high anymore. So much time and dedication throughout the YEARS of playing just for it to get reset for random ass players who didnt deserve their ranks. All in all they just trying to make the game more playable or even “legit” now.

(Lexus(17)) #60

“You know how hard it was to grind to get to rank 10? Hell even rank 9?”
Yes. I did it few times and nobody will take me away these moments and that’s enough for me. Climb up to rank up is better than staying for high rank long time.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #61

I know many people who took them 5 years to get to rank 9 so it’s not about a new challenge like you said it’s about the time we grinded for those ranks.

I don’t have the time to grind it to rank 14 anymore.


I’m not fowarding this to the players that have complained recently , but when you guys phrase “grind” and “climbing to the top”, what exactly is your grinding. I know most people would LITERALLY spend most of their time alting which is aka “grinding”. “i worked so hard and dedicated my years of playing stick arena” ,coming from you players that have mentioned grinding, it’s really not the word you are looking for… Now, if you don’t get what i said, you players do not legitimately grind for your kills. I do know some players that really do spend MOST of their time alting and jibbitting, whatever you do to get kills faster from grinding legitimately. Now, if we’re talking about legit kills meaning FFA’ing , custom game matches, urinal (which would be considered close to alting) then i would see why you are complaining. I do not wanna sit here and see comments from players saying they have GRIND their time to get stick arena kills and climb up the leaderboards, when i know some of you do not. I’m sorry if i meant to sound harsh , but i really needed to that off my chest. If you are one of the players that do think they actually “GRIND” for their kills, please stop, you actually do not. We should mention the players that actually have grind and worked so hard to get to the top of the leaderboards.

(Nick) #63

Neither alting nor jitbitting are allowed as of now, especially not jitbitting.

The urinal map allowed players to receive fair trade-offs of kills and deaths. Alting entails creation of throwaway accounts to take kills from/add deaths to said accounts—merely to boost rank and stats of accounts. Urinal was not only fair; it was fruitful for the players.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #64

I got my kills in FFA… I grinded in 2012 ffas in Cartesian republic to 2013 and then stopped doing it at the end of 2013 but I never alted. so don’t call me one yes?


You don’t get my point. The players complaining about losing their ranks are the players that do not legitimately get their kills. This is when alting was allow. This is when people alted to boost their stats and get high into the leaderboards. My mistake urinal is not similar to alting. When you alt , you cannot go over 60 kills or it would not submit, something like that. You also end the game with 0 deaths (most of the time). Urinal you get kills and deaths back and forth, so it doesn’t stand on the level with alting. Your stats are legit. You actually interact with other players whiling hammering each other to death. I just do not see the point in alting , lol. You really do not get anything out of it, but a high “COOL” logo rank.

(Chris) #66

Ok, if we are talking about alting, and you dont think its legitimate, why not report the person? I never alted on SA. I dont think ANYONE will ever see rank 9 or 10 again since it resets every 3 months. What they shoudlve done which most people already knew, was reset the alters… they wouldve got the point. 1 day seeing an acc rank 0 then the next day that acc is rank8. like cmon. I believe the only 2 people in my SA career who legit got more than 20+ kills a game was .1. and nauj15(not even urinals) they never alted so idk. This is an opinionated feed. You either like it or not. Its not going to change what is already done.


It appears some players were removed from the leaderboard as part of the stats reset. I say this because I moved up about eight postitions in the legacy scores after the reset. If players were removed does anyone know which players were removed from the legacy leaderboard and why were they removed?

(Chris) #68

I noticed that as well, but if thats the case why not reset/remove those specific players rather than the whole roster of accounts?

(Schallmeister) #69

The players on the Legacy Leaderboard that were banned were removed. However, it wasn’t manually.

The ones I’ve banned on the new Leaderboard were removed as soon as they were banned. That’s just the way it’s set up, which is nice.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #70

Is there a leaderboard where they show the old top leaderboards? I ask this since I was on it.

(Schallmeister) #71

This was right before the reset, if that’s what you were asking.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #72

Yup! that’s what I wanted thanks.