Global stats reset on stickarena


lmao @ all the butthurt caring about stats when the game has been around since what, 2004 or 05???

looool just be happy something actually happened to this game


I think we should just consider the fact that, xGen actually DID something to Stick arena like wtf? It took that many years for this?


(Juan) #28

Well that’s 11 years wasted. I think it would have been better off to have a separated Highscores for these types of events.

(Cody Han) #29

I tried playing a game of SA last night and it felt so strange. I used to scale down my 1920x1080 monitors to like 800x600 to get an edge in SA (larger screen and low DPI mouse settings for more visual feedback), but I didn’t bother this time with a 1440p screen, and man did it feel bad. I kept trying to move my mouse off of the screen.

Good luck to everyone in the grind for the climb. :’)


I don’t know man. On one hand I spent 10 years ranking up that account but on the other hand I really don’t log in much. I’m definitely disappointed but I hope you guys enjoy the new seasons update. Cheers


I don’t really understand the logic here. The main objective of the game has always been to climb the ranks and eventually get to rank 15. Resetting stats every 3 months pretty much guarantees that no one will ever get past rank 9 or 10 ever again. Very strange update…

(Stickdude) #33

Woot this is the first time I’ve ever been on the highscores. I’m a fan of the new update; This gives active players an incentive to play this game more often.

Those of you that are complaining about it, the old highscore list is still there if you want to look at it and pat yourself on the back.


As a long time member of the game I’m not thrilled with this if it’s permanent. Some of us have spent years devoted to this game and to have that effort deleted with a key stroke is a slap in the face. The goal of the game was to compete and advance, that has changed without warning.

I’m all for competitions, new challenges, and improvements but this competition could be handled without it being a sacrifice to those that have been loyal to game for over a decade.

(Hum) #35


Should have seen that one coming xD

(Timbo) #37

Does this mean BBH stats will get reset every 3 months???

(Metrø ßoomin) #38

I feel like this reset is a good move for XGen, but very cruel towards the players who put hundreds of hours into getting high ranks. The legacy leaderboard is dumb too. XGen could have just kept the player ranks and made a monthly leaderboard to keep track of the most active players and who gets the most kills to win the labpass… Deleting people’s dedication off their accounts is extremely messed up but what can ya do.

(Stickdude) #39

I agree with air. Should have kept the player’s ranks but just keep track of how many kills are obtained during the season.

(XD,,,) #40

So this really happened huh?

Very shocking.

(OOF) #41

Mhm very unfortunate

(Weary Of The World) #42

roughly 11 years of gameplay freshly wiped to go along with 11 years of forum posts long gone.

This isn’t exactly confidence-inspiring.

(asgfgh) #43

Since stats were reset can bans be reset too? Kthx.


They said they were going to archive the old forums.

(Joey ) #45

Xgen honestly wiped me clean. You couldn’t kill a stock harder than this nor a person with a new identity.

8-9 years worth of forum posts gone, and to make things worse, stats. Why though?