Global stats reset on stickarena

(Rapper) #1
XGen did something!

Hey everyone, apparently now till Novemember you can fight for labpass and advance in the highscores…

Great job XGen

(OOF) #3

Well sh** this surprised me wow I’m speechless do we get to keep our spinners and will we be able to get holiday spinners?

(OOF) #5

What’s the deal with alting because I could be top of the leader board rank 9 today just by suicide hacking lol I won’t tho but just saying if alting still allowed leaderboards will get destroyed


I have mixed thoughts about this. Is this permanent? I was less than 2k from rank 15, it took years.

(Scott) #7

It’s permanent and will be reset every 3 months, however your years of work is still saved in our “legacy scores” section of the high scores page seen here:

(Lexus(17)) #9

Good job XGen. It can be a chance for more activity. I would like to ask. Will ranks resetting including highscores every 3 months?

(Rapper) #10

Gotta have an account e-mail verified to show up on the highscores


every nerd who still plays this game rn:


Ya, I can see where this could help generate interest. Any chance stats for all players are saved and available somewhere?

(Scott) #13

Top 100 legacy stats are visible, the rest is searchable by username here:

(Schallmeister) #14

As Mousy said, can we outlaw alting altogether, including urinal maps and maze maps?

And will accounts still have to be verified to be on the leaderboard? Someone could easily bypass getting caught alting, then verify at the end to appear as number 1.

(Scott) #15

We can discuss this in the mod forum.

(Lexus(17)) #17

It is really good idea to outlaw alting and maze maps, however i can’t understand what is illegal in Urinal map? It’s justice competition like rest of map. Everwhere decides skills and luckily.


This is BS. Although I felt like I did waste a lot of time on this game, you’ve effectively ensured that my entire memory and mostly all other players’ memories of this game as nothing more than wasted time. I would say that the comments expressed in this forum are a fallacy, but I do see other people with high ranks approving this for some unfathomable reason… If this was done for BBH, a game even less active than this one, why not just make it independent?

I don’t think there were many people at all who even wanted an update of this game considering that any excitement for that has evaporated by now. But you managed to do something far worse than not update it by just destroying it entirely.

In before amusement to my disappointment.

(Ajay) #19

When you decide to log into Stick Arena

and your legit rank 14 now has 0 kills



I agree with you, I do feel like the effort was for nothing. It took a looooong time to get on the leaderboard. The way I play there’s no chance for me to get on the board or to rank 15. The leaderboard and rank was what I was playing for.

I understand, don’t agree with, and am disappointed with the change. The players don’t really get a direct vote. Although it is good to see any kind of Xgen activity with Stick Arena.

At the risk of sounding like a suggestion posted to the wrong topic I believe keeping two leaderboards may be an alternate. One alltime leaderboard and one short-term for labpass competition, both providing incentives to play.


There are two kind of people; people who try to reach the top and people who want to drag down the top.
By doing this XGen just favored the latter.

(OOF) #22

I think we should have an all-time leaderboard an a every 3 months leaderboard so we can keep our ranks and such so there’s still that compition while we can keep grinding full time killz

(♕ℋamsteℜ♕) #23

To all SA staff
Guys what you have done is hopeless.
I know this was only one way to get people but now SA is complete chaos.
This game is old don’t change it for better cause it’s being worser.
All I can say there will be less people in my opinion after this update (look at highscore board).


Yeah, if I felt like I had wasted my time, it was at my own accord. It wasn’t their choice to make people feel that they did waste their time. It’s even more upsetting for you.

This is logical. Their approach took all logic out of the equation, and worst, there was zero effort made to get an approval on this. All just to appease a smaller community, whom are also selfish I might add. There were many different ways to go about this, or quite frankly, nothing was needed to be done in the first place.