Global Map Conference (Stick Arena Map Contests)

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Welcome to the Global Map Conference. The GMC was created in order to bring together the most imaginative, creative, and inventive individuals in the community! The GMC will be the standard for all future Map Contests. There will be a variety of categories to enter maps to earn all new prizes and rewards. Let your persistence and perseverance be known within the community – Let’s see who can stand out in the GMC!

Map Contest Categories

Each Map Category will have its corresponding Spinner, Labpass Days, and Creds

Submission Rules & Information

  • Player qualification: Individuals must be verified players to enter a submission (
  • Each submission needs to be made in Stick Arena Dimensions main website (No Third-Party applications)
  • Each submission can only contain four maps max — one map for each different category
  • Do Not enter a submission with more than one map for one category (e.g., two maps for “One vs One”)
  • Submissions with multiple map entries — Please designate the category for each map.
    (Only one map can win one category).
  • Submission may either be new maps or recently completed maps
  • If you are unsure of what category to enter the submission under; enter the map under one category first, then edit the map extensively to fit the description of the other category you think it belongs to.
  • Multiple individuals may work on the entry submission. However, prizes will be given to one account.
  • Submissions can be made on alternate accounts. Please state your main account in your submission as well as the alternate account you chose to make the map on.
  • Please state your Stick Arena Username in your submission! (Prize will be distributed to this account)

Map Screenshot Tool
Eedok Map Screenshot Tool -

Map Contest Committee and Community Polls will determine the Winners of each Categories

Time of Map Contests
Will be determined by the Map Contest Committee

Organization Structure
GMC Creator: Eminence
Contest Coordinators: Apple512881 & Codfish
Graphics Specialist: Apple512881
Map Contest Committee: Eminence, Codfish, Lexus, Apple512881, Schallmeister

XGen Gaming Community:
User: Eminence#1289
“The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but felt by the heart” #TouchinHearts

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